For design we are doing DRONES. In drones we had to split into groups of two, three or four my group had four people Quinn, Ashaiya, Abbie and Me of course. the first task that was set for us was to do some tutorials that helped us with coding for the drones the coding  was […]


So far this Term! This term we started doing a full day of design each week which I really enjoy. Last week was the first lesson and today is the second. In design there are two groups one of the groups is leggo robotics and the other group (and the one I’m in) is Sphero […]

Micro Bit

  what is micro bit? This Term we have started to do micro bit now your probably wondering what is micro bit, well micro bit is like a little panel  that you plug into your computer with a cord and then you can code things onto your micro bit buy using a website thats a […]

my makey makey project

For my makey makey project I did a bean toss that had sound affects. To make the sound affects I used scratch. The bean toss was made out of card board with the bean bag made with two bits of fabric sown together and filled with beads. in this project I did not finish because […]

controller games

in macky macky we made controllers to do games.The games we did were pac man and a two player maze since they were both different games we had two make to different controllers for the games. for the two player maze we had to use the back so two people could play at the same […]

makey makey

this term in design 5B is doing makey makey! you might be wondering what exactly is makey makey well makey makey  is a cool thing that you plug into you computer that   has  it own control pad that you do many things like  play bongos and the piano which is exactly what we did. with […]

cotton off

In this project I did a clothes shop add, the add had a  person that worked  for Cotton off and they were talking to the buyers.  I did well with making the person watching interested. What I could do to be better I could stay more to the subject which  in my case is fashion, […]

Orange Square Purple Circle

  this project was about including a orange square and a purple circle  in your scratch project, I made the change there outfits  change every second. The important thing I did was I included  a orange square and a purple circle. The challenging  part was to come up with a idea that your happy with. […]

me project

the me project is a project were it shows you and how you are. for example i did a dog and I made it change colour to yellow and purple because that’s  my favourite  colours. I did doughnuts as my favourite  food, and a pool because I love swimming. the H means the start of […]