Micro Bit


what is micro bit?

This Term we have started to do micro bit now your probably wondering what is micro bit, well micro bit is like a little panel  that you plug into your computer with a cord and then you can code things onto your micro bit buy using a website thats a bit like scratch but it was made only for micro bit and you can follow many different tutorials and explore with different bits of code.

what I have done so far!

So far with micro bit I have coded 11 different things onto my micro bit. the first thing I coded was flashing hart which is the one  they recommended you start with. when you do the tutorials it explains all the blocks you need and what you do with them but  in case  thats not clear enough or you don’t get it there is a button on the side that is called hint (I used the hint a lot!) and it shows you the block up close and were you put it.

my Favourite!

My favourite thing that I coded onto my micro bit was the hot potatoes one that is in the games category I really liked coding it then playing with it afterwards  was fun to! each category has a different things to code and try out. Right now i’m trying to do at least  one from each category in stead of finishing just one category.

Different blocks and what they do!

in micro bit the block is one of the most important things because without them what would you do with your micro bit? you need the blocks to code and each block has a different  purpose that you can use it for. With the blocks there are also different sections to keep it organised and easy to find when you need them. The most popular blocks for me are on B,A or B and A button pressed, show leads,show string, on  shake,if true then, forever and on start.

my makey makey project

For my makey makey project I did a bean toss that had sound affects. To make the sound affects I used scratch. The bean toss was made out of card board with the bean bag made with two bits of fabric sown together and filled with beads. in this project I did not finish because the bean toss was not strong enough and it fell down, the scratch part with the sound affects went well and went according to plan.

I think next time if I were to do it again I would give it more support so it would not fall as easy and I would also add a bit for the pain board  to go with all the wires are so they will be easier to fix and to get to.

controller games

in macky macky we made controllers to do games.The games we did were pac man and a two player maze since they were both different games we had two make to different controllers for the games. for the two player maze we had to use the back so two people could play at the same time.

makey makey

this term in design 5B is doing makey makey! you might be wondering what exactly is makey makey well makey makey  is a cool thing that you plug into you computer that   has  it own control pad that you do many things like  play bongos and the piano which is exactly what we did. with the bongos we made the bongos pad with play dough but with the piano we could bring in  some thing from home (it had to be metal or have water in it like fruit).  I brought in some old spoons for the piano keys.

cotton off

In this project I did a clothes shop add, the add had a  person that worked  for Cotton off and they were talking to the buyers.  I did well with making the person watching interested. What I could do to be better I could stay more to the subject which  in my case is fashion, like talking about the different clothes that makes Cotton off stand out to other shops like what colours the texture of the clothes and if their comfy ,fancy or maybe cool. The key thing to  add to my project was to say what inspired me.

Orange Square Purple Circle


this project was about including a orange square and a purple circle  in your scratch project, I made the change there outfits  change every second. The important thing I did was I included  a orange square and a purple circle. The challenging  part was to come up with a idea that your happy with. Next time to do better, I should add more detail to the project by adding more to the square and circle.   


Hi i’m Harriet, and I have a dog called Hugo and two brothers called
Thomas and Edward and a mum called Georgina and a dad called Adam (i think there the best parents ever). I love Netball and my favourite colour is yellow i wish there were yellow pandas playing netball because that would be  my favourite thing ever!

Scratch build a band

This is my build a band project, my theme for the build a band project was sad\blues. The important thing was that I got the recording right and I also stayed to the theme. I think next time to do better I can  make all the characters move.

come back next time to here about the me project.


debug it

At first it was easy but then it started to get hard. I wanted to give up but  i kept going and after time, i did it.  Debug it was good, it helped me learn to fix up programs. 



debug it is a program, when there is some thing wrong with the project and you have to fix it, by asking it work. you can add and take away  different blocks,  that you use to program projects.  

come back next time to hear and learn about the me project.