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Royalty Free Music

This video is about royalty free music(Mr G’s clinic)

Audio Boths

Zoom Cameras

ZOOM0091-2ltl1ck This video Is an example of a zoom camera recording. Here is some information. First off the zoom camera does not have a strap like many other cameras, although It does a little wrist band so when your handy… Continue Reading →

Point Shoot Cameras

This is the point shoot camera clinic and this is the video I made for it.(Miss Williamson’s clinic)

camera cording clinic

This Is The camera cording clinic, This is the movie I made about it.(Mr Henderson’s clinic).

Presenting Piece to Camera

This video I made is all about presenting your piece to camera. (Mr g’s Clinic)

Maths Photos

these are some photos of the math challenges we did in class.

Sphero and robotics Photos

Here are some design photos from Sphero challenges.

Little Bits

This week in little bits me and my partner Sam decided to make the synth kit. Because it made all sorts of different crazy sounds. Before this session on little bits I knew nothing about little bits but the i… Continue Reading →


¬† This week in tinkering me and my group finished the bottom layer of our hat. Were not done with our hat yet, we still have plans to put some¬† LED lights around the top bit of our hat. We… Continue Reading →

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