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DC Cartoon Vlog

This is my DC cartoon blog/vlog feel free to have a look


I don’t think I achieved what I originally set out to do because of my issues with my bike braking and losing all my clips. The success of my passion project really was getting it filmed. Some of the challenges… Continue Reading →

Win At The Fair

At first on our win at the fair investigation we tested at a sample game that we owned at the fair the aim was for us to make money but the game had to be enticing enough to get customers,… Continue Reading →

digital citizenship blog 2

THINK Triple r session.

Passion Project Check Up

So far on my passion project, I have made a big master plan/story board so when i go down to the B.M.X track all i have to do is film. Once i have got all the clips i need that’s… Continue Reading →


Passion Project I intend to make a B.M.X edit for my passion project, That basically means i will get a whole bunch of short clips of me doing tricks then i will put them all together with some music in… Continue Reading →

Birk Baer

A.) I think the main messages in his ted talk are that he wants to make a difference in the food system with our world, especially how scientist are taking DNA of an animal and mixing it with a fruit… Continue Reading →

Richard Turere Ted Talk

A.) I think the main messages in Richards Ted Talk are he wanted to stop the lions from the national park to come to his cow stock and eat them. So he decided to take action by, outsmarting the lion’s… Continue Reading →

Thomas Suarez TED TALKS

a.) I think that his main subjects were his app club at his school That he runs with his teacher. His first game and his most popular game. and how much his parents supported him through the way. For Example… Continue Reading →

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