Building Views

First you would have to build the building, get out of your chair, go down to eye level, and close one eye. Sketch the front view and the side view of the building. On the second investigation you had to make a building in the investigation Board which has these views and uses exactly 15 blocks. Then you would add blocks one by one to find the maximum. How many variation of the minimum are there? I learned how to draw the buildings from the different sides. What i found challenging was starting off with the project and drawing the views


Space Habitat on Titan

Can you imagine life on a different planet? Although Titan is -178c and its water based, we could build a city under the water, we could have submarines that could be half out the water where  you could enter thus big city and we could create life on Titan. Some good things about living on Titan is that there is Methane oceans (CH4) can be used for fuel (there are methane eating bacteria that make oxygen) Methane can then be converted to water (H2O) as well. No need for pressurised suits just for breathing apparatus. Thick atmosphere protects surface from radiation.


Passion Project #Update

I haven’t started on my drawing yet but this is my plan when i start it, First I will watch some tutorials on how to draw my little penguin then I will branch off of that tutorial and sketch out a draft of my penguin. Then i will shade the parts where i need to colour in, I will shade the wings and the head lightly because if I make a mistake then I will be able to rub it out and you won’t be able to see the mistakes. Finally i will finalise the drawing using a black pen and then at the end i will name the penguin.


The Lost Princess

In class today we watched a film about people getting cyber bullied.The film was called The Lost Princess and it featured 4 characters getting bullied online. The character I’m going to do is Lucy, she got bullied because she didn’t log out of her email account and some girls stole her phone and accessed her email and stared  texting random people mean things like “you look ugly” something along those lines. She didn’t know if she was getting bullied. Lucy told her dad.

#description [Drawing Tutorial Film]

This term I decided that I’m going to do a drawing tutorial, this is the image i am going to do. 

The way I’m going to present it is in a timelap video.

Who is my passion project targeted at?

This passion project is targeted at younger children however all ages can do it.

Why have you decided to do this?

I decided to do this passion project because it’s a fun way to kill time and because i enjoy drawing.

What are you looking forward to?

The end product.

DC Cartoons

Today in RVE the year 6’s got to choose a photo that the teachers sent us about phone addiction. This is the photo I chose

A. At first, why might this be some people find this cartoon funny? Because there is one real bird and a twitter bird

B. What is the message (or messages) in this cartoon? Don’t always be on your phone, experience the real world.

C. Why is this an important message? So you don’t get addicted.


Digital Etiquette

Trolls- They send you annoying and mean messages and they constantly do it and it gets annoying and it becomes cyber bulling.

Flame Wars- It means when someone says something you don’t like then someone else sends you something mean then it all turns out in one massive fight with people you don’t even know and then it becomes awkward.

Anonymous- Its when someone pretends that they are someone else and using another name when your not them and being someone their not.

Permission- if you post something without someone permission then that person will feel angry or embarrassed.

Win at the fair!

The past few weeks in Project Maths our class has been working on a problem called ‘Win At The Fair’. On the first session of our new problem we were introduced to a game board. Here is what it looks like.

How to play: You put the counter on the “Start” tile, and roll two dice. Say if I rolled a 4 and a 2, my number would be 6. If you look at the tile at the very bottom of the picture, with the arrows pointing out of it, you will see numbers on the end of the arrows. They determine witch way I move my counter. If I roll 1,2,3,4 and 5, I will move my counter left. If I roll 6,7 or 8, I move my counter forward. I f i roll 9,10,11 or 12, I move my counter right. You keep rolling until you win a prize.

My class played 117 games all together, and here is the data that we collected of how many people landed on what prize.

As you can see, we have put two black holes in effective spots. We put the first black hole on the right of the “start” tile, because we figured that 1, if you rolled a number that turned you right then you would be eliminated, and 2, it is basically impossible to get to the $5 because there is no option to roll downwards. Think about it.

After that we were told to make a board that would be enticing yet profitable. This board was called our “Official Board”, and it couldn’t have black holes or obstacles.

But our board didn’t always look like this, here is the process of what we went through to get this bored.

Try 1 = $1,177.90 out and $1.18 average payout

Try 3 = $905.30 out and 0.91 average payout

(changed the $15 jackpot to $9)

Try 5 = $32.30 out and $0.53 average payout

(changed 10 to 50, $9 to $10)

Try 7 (final) = $422.50 out and $0.42 average payout

(changed 50 to $10)

Our board was profitable because there was only 1 “jackpot” and the rest of the prize tiles were mostly cents and $1.

Our board was enticing because the first thing the player saw was the $10 jackpot, and they knew it was impossible to get. Also, getting a $1 isn’t so bad.


Here is another snip of our finished board.

Credits: Blythe for helping me 🙂




Richard Turere’s TED Talk

The main message in Richard’s ted talk is that the answer is not always violence and that you can make something small that can fix a big problem.

When he was making a joke he would smile or laugh and that would send a message across to the audience that they could laugh. Richard also had pictures to give the audience a better picture of whats going on.

He used a screen with a slide show with the pictures, a microphone so everyone could hear him and a good sense of humour so is was not so sad. 

Humour, eye contact, visual aids

Image result for richard turere\

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