Scratch About Me

What are you most proud of in this project??

I am proud of helping others when they need it
What did you get stuck on?? How did you get unstuck??

I got stuck on how to start and what to start with.


We all got in a group of three and we had to make programs for challenges. One of them is we have to put a colour sensor on the front of he robot and make it stop on a specific colour. Then we had to make a blog on how we did it.

Colour Sensor

We would tell the robot to stop and do another command on a colour, our first colour was red. Once it reached red, we gave it a command to rotate and move forward to the next the next colour which was blue.
Touch Sensor

We put the Touch Sensor on the robot and made a program so when it hits something it moves back to the start it was hard to do because we did not know how to it but we got there in the end.

What are Lego Robots?

They are something that you have to control and make programs to make it move, it is really easy yo make a program, the teachers tell you what to do then you go and make it, SEE that simple

Rube Goldberg

This is not a good video but the other two have been deleted somehow the tin went to early probably because from the vibration so we change it a bit and we did it almost.


The year 5’s have been doing Rube Goldberg machines. Today we had a chat with a school in another place they asked us questions and we tried really hard to answer and I think we did good it was really l worked on my machine with Leo and Sophie. Sossin we made good progress we are almost done with our machine and I am really proud of myself and I should be.


The year 5’s have been working on robotics lately and we have to program a robot with our computers it has been fun. We have been given challenges to complete using our robot and our program. The first one was to get our robot from one end of the table to the other, our next challenge was to turn it around in a square shape.

This is my program and I think that I did a good job.

Who Am I

Today 5C finished the book who am i it was really sad but good.If someone wote another chapter to this book it would be like this

Mary finds her mum then she moves back where she used to live and live and aboriginal life and be happy with her mum.Dot  would come to and be Mary’s sister Mary would have nice clothes (not saying that she did not have nice clothes in the first place) and live a happy life with her mum and Dot.

Yeah that sounds like a good end of a story I mean I would put that in the book.The good part about it was at the end where she sneeks out of her “home” and rids her “brothers” bike and goes to the conference she felt so c

Term 1 HighLights

This term has been AMAZING!!!!!!!! I loved this term I met new friends learnt new things and meeting the teachers 1st term AMAZING :)))

My highlights of this term

1:The Roller Coaster project

2:Meeting New Friends and the Teachers

3:Cereal Box Marble Run

4:Drama (sorry I just had to put it in)

5:Hanging out with my friends 

6:Meeting new teachers

Roller Coaster

Today the Yr 5’s have been making a roller coaster. I made mine with some of my friends. Our roller coaster was really big so we had to change the style a bit to make it smaller.

Session 7, My group joined in with another group to make our big roller coasters.

Session 8,Our roller coaster was finished! it only took 2 sessions to finish! It looks so good.

Session 9, Today we walked around seeing other people’s Roller Coaster’s it was really fun looking on how unique other people’s contraptions.

Craft Power

Today the Yr 5’s did this incursion called Craft Power.Our teacher that was teaching us was a man called Anatoli. We did some wood work witch was very new to me the tools we used was a  hammer to hammer the nails into our driver coping saw to cut our car and our driver pliers in case we hammed our nails in wrong. I learned how to use the coping saw you hold the handle with two hands and to cut fast you pull and push to the very edge of the coping saw.We are painting our car and driver tomorrow and the teacher is telling us about friction and paint.

Glossary of shapes an angles

Congruent: Same in every way  

Adjacent: There next to each otherRelated image

Oppsite: Two sides facing each other

Parallel: They never touch 

A cute angle:  An angle that is less than one quarter of a turn

Obtuse angle: An angle that is larger than a quarter turn but smaller than a half turn 

Reflex angle: Larger than a straight angle or more than a half turn 


In  Yr 5 we have been playing a game called Addo let me explain it for you. Well you vs 2 other people and you have nine boxes that you put numbers in. You also have some cards and you and your friends pick one up and they say their number say that my friend had 3 and my other friend had 9 and I had 1 so we would add them and you see who got a higher number than the other two. The most common numbers that I used was 11,12,10,9,6,7,8,14 and 15.The reason that they where common is because there are a lot of equations for those numbers that is why I chose them just look at the yellow box it has common numbers and the pink box has some common numbers too.I really hope you know how to play this amazing game and I really hope that we do this some time in the year again.

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