Royalty free music

We are not meant to use popular music when creating sound tracks films.Steer clear from copyright music when creating films this year. Explore the many sites that have copy free music and SFX. Google Bensound and bookmark on your Favourites bar. Create a Bensound folder in your film school folder.

For example:

instructional films would have an upbeat poppy tune

Shot-lists and storyboards

A story bored is when you have a plan on what you’re going to be doing. One of the most important stages planning out your video is creating a story-board. A story-board is a graphic representation of how your video will unfold.


a visual aid makes it much easier for you to share and a story-board is the best way to share your vision.

Cam corner

In the cam corner clinic we learnt what to do and what not to do wit the equipment and we also learnt the angles you can do with a camera: EDU (extreme close up), MCU (medium close up), VLS (very long shot), Over the shoulder shot,High angle shot,Tilted shot


don’t move with tripod

think safety

make tripod balanced

don’t pick up the camera while on the tripod 


Point and shoot cameras

In the point and shoot camera clinic we learnt the Rule of thirds, Balancing Elements, Leading lines, View point,Background and framing we got in a group of two and went around the school taking photos using one or two of these methods.

Rule of thirds:

     try to position the most important element/s in the photo.Picture a 3 by 3 grid when you take a photo you don’t want their eyes in the middle of the grid you want them of the top line but it depends on what angle you have it on if you are doing a far shot then you would have it in the middle.   

Wireless mic

Hi! i am going to list the things you should and should not do

  1. Be safe with the camera 
  2. the mic import is in a different spot

The lapel mic

  1. don’t jumble the charges up
  2. very fragile not cheap but not expensive 
  3. take the whole box with you 
  4. must use a tripod when using the wireless mic 
  5. hold the wireless mic under your chin
  6. have headphones when holding the mic

Editing Clinic

Hi people! I will be talking to you about How to put in background music

  1. Drag the music into A2
  2. to shrink the music you can use the razor tool 
  3. it will highlight it and delete it 
  4. if to short pull music forward

How to cross fade

  1. click the video transition go to edit and press undo 
  2. click cross dissoule 
  3. drag it to where you want it 
  4. if you want music trans then click constant grain 
  5. drag it to where you want it 

Green Screen

In the green screen clinic we had to learn all about the rules of the green screen. Rule number 1 don’t stand right against the wall so you don’t cast a shadow when filming. Rule number 2 DON’T WEAR GREEN because it will look like you have no body trust me i have tried. 

Presenting your piece to camera

Hi again! I will be talking to you about presenting your piece to camera first you need to plan and know your purpose second you need to rehearse and warm up third you must jot down noteslet me just list them 

  1. Present your ideas using a story bored 
  2. Write down a script
  3. Be ready and do not go on cold 
  4. Breathing exercises help
  5. Voice and body warm-ups also help
  6. Know what your going to say and do before filming 
  7. No scripts behind the camera or promoting  

Audio booths

In the Audio booths you need to speak clearly, you also can have a script in front of you hand moments help but you have to have your hands away from the mic. You always need headphones to hear your self while you talk.


  1. Respect the space
  2. the max is two people at a time
  3. absolutely no food
  4. leave no evidence that you were ever there
  5. respect the equipment
  6. leave the mic on the bench at all times
  7. no need to touch the USB cable
  8. make sure the mic and the stand are secure

Respect each other 

  1. Keep the runway clear
  2. don’t knock on the door/window
  3. don;t stay in the booths for more than 5 minuets
  4. use the equipment properly
  5. always use headphones
  6. don’t touch the mic while recording
  7. if you speak softly then get close (without touching it)
  8. if you speak loudly then move back
  9. you may need to unplug the USB cable when watching your sound

Zoom camera

The zoom camera, they are very light you always have to use two hands when holding it there is a microphone on top of the camera you have to push the blue button then push the mic up. Make sure that the light are on for audio for sound, there is a little dile that goes from 1 to 10 but 6 or 7 is the best because if the actor is far away then you will be able to hear them very well but if they are close then turn it down a notch.

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