Passion Project

In inquiry today, we were viewing people’s passion projects again. I really liked Asha’s because her filming and effects. I also loved how much effort Hannah put into her pyjamas and they turned out amazing and looked very comfortable!

A knights tour

  • We did this incorrectly because we coloured in the whole path and we were only supposed to do where we start and where we finish the move. This is what we did wrong in the picture.


  • 1ST Try got 26
  • 2ND Try also got 26
  • 3RD Try got 28


  • Me and Milly used the maths 300 Knights Tour exploring strategy worst first I did this first because the class said this works the best.
  • Trial 1- mean 64- solution start 3rd from left 2nd bottom row first and finish at 4th from right 2nd top row.


Netiquette means being Etiquette online.

Etiquette in technology. The rules of etiquette that work when communicating or talking over the Internet or social networks or chat rooms are different from those applying when communicating in person or by audio (such as telephone) or videophone (such as Skype video).

It is very easy to stay anonymous online because no one can see your face this for some people is a go sign for cyber bulling and this is where being Etiquette comes in so we dont have any trolls or flame starters.

Me as a reader

  • looks like – Me in bed under the covers with a torch
  • sounds like – silent or else i get distracted
  • feels like – calm and lost in my book

I like when books have;

Great description


and emotions.

My favourite book is Wonder


I am half way through the editing phase for my Passion Project and I cant believe how fast it has gone.

I am having some issues with the fading music and volume so if anyone knows how to fade in Premier please comment. I have edited all of the film footage but I still have to do the safety part which will be like a story clip. I was unable to insert what i have done so far.

Yellow by Megan Jacobson

I loved this book so much I would actually rate it 10/10.

It is about a 14-year-old girl who is getting haunted by a ghost in a telephone box. The ghost called boogie feels lost and misplaced and he wants Kirra to join him in the phone box so, he lies about officer McGinty killing him so that Kirra goes through all different dangerous obstacles but what she doesn’t know it that McGinty didn’t kill boogie! Kirra’s Mum is an alcoholic and that makes it hard for Kirra without a mum to talk to because her so-called friends bully her and after all a ghost is haunting her right, anyway she forces her mum to detox. (Become sober) After 1 week Kirra unlock her and she does not drink again. Her mum then tells her something that could change everything.

The genre of this book is Mystery and perspective. I am having mixed feelings about if i like Boogie or not because he tricked Kirra into almost dying but on the other hand he is only human and he just felt lonely. I recommend this book to young adults or teens because it is very mature, I also recommend this to people who enjoy a mystery thriller.

‘This story has such a generous heart. I loved it. Utterly unique and beautifully written, yellow pulls you into the rhythms of life in a small coastal town; its beauty and its harsh realities. But its the supernatural element that illuminates the story, weaving through the loves and hopes of characters you care for deeply’   

Kirsty Eager


IMG_6772-15dfzj      IMG_6797-28jgldy

YAY I filmed on the weekend and it was a blast!

I went to the Barwon Heads river to film because it was a very cold and windy and one of the things we learned at training was that the windier it gets the bigger the waves go so I thought it would be safer to do it at the river instead. another issue that would occur if we went to the beach would be the waves because while I would be in the water you wouldn’t be able to see me because of the waves in front of me. I realise that I don’t have enough footage so I am going to do a section at the end about the following.-

  • Learning to swim at a young age
  • Stay between the flags
  • What to do if someone is in trouble
  • What to do if you get stung by a jellyfish
  • Never swim alone

I am really exited to see how this project turns out and I think it will be really good.

Win at the fair


50c got the most notches on my tally and that lost money because it was the 2nd lowest amount. When I played I only got $5 once and that is a problem because it was the largest amount. I collected my data by the diagram on the white-board and that made me realise that this isn’t a game that I would use in real life because it was $1 to play the people playing would lose their money if they got 20c or 50c. I also used wills diagram that he sent everyone to explore my findings. I used Maths 300 in the Win at the fair section to play the game. In order to play you press the space bar once to roll the die and press it again to move the counter. This game has a lot to do with likelihood and chance because you can get any number in the die and and you still pay the same amount at the start. you could be lucky and get $5 for $1 or be unlucky and get 20c for 1$. To help us figure out the average payout we used comparison with the data we arlready discovered.

Birke Baerhs TED Talks

Today we watched Birkes ted talk about organic food farming.

My main message that i took away from this is that non-organic veggies are sprayed with chemicals and organic meat is free range and fresh.

he used some pictures, a microphone and a projector as his technical support.

I like how he used his passion to create a Ted talk and he used some humour to engage his audience.

THINK online

T- Is it true you could be spreading an untrue rumour.

H- Is it helpful it could make someone else have unhelpful thoughts

I- Inspiring Does it inspire other people do do good or bad things

N- Is it necessary  does it have a purpose or are you doing it inappropriately

K- is it kind are you being offensive or rude