June 18


today we did Robocop I was so nervous I could barely speak as we were preparing are colour sensor stop working we were freaking out at this point we forgot to bring a spare colour sensor we were up next the Alex and Hayden help us by showing use the trouble shooting program when we walk up to the track I was a nervous wreak eve and Lexi sent me out to put him down and he worked we were so delighted when he worked but there was munch more to overcome the next one had a hill and that was are biggest challenge we had faced we didn’t get it done but we were very close we did a cupule rounds my team didn’t win but I don’t care we didn’t get told who came 4 or 5 or 6 but we think we came 4 but at the end of the day Geelong college won so and I had fun I leant a lot that day a lot about how to deal with problem and stress that comes your way I c

an’t wait till Lego league bye for now and al ways check for updates in robotics I also have a video about robo cup

June 18

ultra sonic sensor

challenge 7 ultra sonic sensor

in this one we attached a sonic sensor we had to get are robot to stay it a room using a sonic sensor we first tried to use it bye making it only a little bit when that worked we tried on the oval because it had little wall but it didn’t turn or go backward till I realised that the walls were to low so he wasn’t sensing it

it took many tries then we both realised where not giving him enough time to sense it so we slowed it down and that worked

here’s a snip                                                               it was a lot fun for this one curse it was easier than other

ones were hard curse we were beginners and now we know more it easier now I go a video down there of are robot doing the challenge that all stay in tuned for more as you can see he sometimes need help when he goes though the gaps


June 13

humming bird


for this project we used the humming kit I paired up with Lottie first we did the single colour led we used the humming bird led light block to get this to work and put the wires in and set the bright high and it worked to do a video we decided to take it out and put it back in but then it didn’t work we wont sure what was wrong but then we realised it wasn’t plugged in then we wrote down everything we needed to remember. then we took a step up to vibration we plugged it in to get the block we needed to plug it in to are computer then we found the vibration block and set it to fast and it felt great then we did tri colour led instead of numbers it had r g b which stands for red blue and green and it changes colours like a rainbow that was all the inputs we didn’t get the output done but we were close. in humming bird we learned about to use




June 11

EV3 Oval Line Sensor

Challenge  6

in this challenge we need to follow a back line since I was also doing robo cup so I stared on a hard one the race track after having 100 tries me and Lexi decided to go easy by going to the oval we put in the programing and it WORKED!!!! then we deacid to tacke it to the track here is how I did it


we used a switch block again we pretty much did the same thing as before but we were sensing black when it goes of we want to cornet it self back on the black line

the first block that goes over it is a switch block it is how it sensor the colour

the first block under the tick is a look block when it sensor the black line I want it to smile and go forward

under the cross is a look block I want it to do a sad face and turn a little bit to find the line again


when we went on the track it didn’t work it went to the hill then went in  circles we are working on it as we speak that’s all I did for that project


June 3

EV3 Colour Sensor Part 2


challenge 4 colour sensor part 2

in this one we needed to get are robot to move around in a box but there were strip of coloured paper using the colour sensor when it sense it would turn around there was a special block for this called a switch block there is a screen cast video down the bottom I didn’t get to finish this challenge but I was close when ever he got to the colour he didn’t sense it and kept going I tried moving the sensor but that didn’t help. I also tried to change it to degrees’ rotations and seconds but they all didn’t work here is a snip there is a screen cast explaining everything open this to see Presentation1-wuguij when I used seconds it timed the turn but when I used degrees it don’t turn till it cross the line rotation made it just go forward I didn’t know what to do from then so I ask  for help me and eve copy her program but that didn’t work either we didn’t so I didn’t get it to work this time but I’m sure I will finish other ones I learnt that you cant finish somthings but

then on the day it was due it WORK!!!!!!!!!!!! it was in the wrong port i was overjoyed to see him do it i also learnt you need to check every thing before you say its broken

May 29

EV3 Colour Sensor

the 4 challenge is called colour sensor where you program your robot to sense a colour and stop here’s are journey

day 1:

today eve was away we were just putting on the sensor then I tried to get it to do the challage  it was really hard. but Mackenzie help me get on track I learnt that sometimes the robot crashes and you take off the lid for 10 seconds then put it back on

day 2:

we got are robot to do it here’s a snip and a video it stared off going really slow I changed the speed we were over joyed when we did it


day 3:

today where working on the second part of the challenge where supposed to make it see the colour and then turn and go back me and eve thought this one was easier just use the same code but add a turn block then a move forward block and a colour sensor block and BAM!! there you have it here is a snip  

1                                     4                              8

2       3          5         6       7

1: that is the button that makes you robot do you program it only works with the wirw

2: this is were you can chage how you program I noramly have it one seconds but this time I did soothing else

3: this I the button wich makes it turn I am going straight so it is straight

4: this is the port it is in port b and c

5: this is the speed to go slow go under 50 and to go fast go above 50

6: this is how you change how you program it. I needed to change it to colour sensor

7: this is how you change the colour that it senses I kept it on red

8: this is the ports its in 3 now


that is the program explained now let me tell you 5 that I learnt

1: that are robot can do lots of things

2: that the colour sensor changes colours when it does difent colours of paper

3: how to use the colour sensor

4: how attach colour sensor

5: I learnt that me and eve made a great team

that all I did me and eve had been thinking about robo cup I we want to enter cause we have fun doing robotics  bye for now


May 20


Arduino is a software were you can make led light turn on and much more. Year 5 are working on led light on the Arduino. Instead of the red board we used alligator clips then plug in the battery .We went further  then that we started  using g boards and red boards. that’s where it got serious. we were still making led lights, but now with lot of wires the electricity comes from the computer now. Arduino was making a led light blink on the red board I didn’t need to use many wires, but it was hard.

 Then we took it to the next level we started to do ones where we had lots of wires in lots of different places and sometimes we got confused when it did not

work. We looked back at the picture and we thought what did we do wrong

Here is a photo

I didn’t really like this topic I didn’t find it that interesting I wouldn’t do it again.

May 14

EV3 robotics

ev3 is a program where you can program a brick to do lots of stuff but first we had to build on it with Lego                                                                       this is eve putting on the wheels.  when we finish we explored the coding we got it to go through stools and back

after   we got used to the coding we stared the challges. the first one was called the move straight challge. the move straight chanllge is when you need to make it move forward then back but you cant turn. eve and I thought it was hard not just the moving back but moving forward but in the end we got it down here is a snip of the program  we thought it would be easy but we were wrong going forward was hard

challge 2 baseball

the second challenge is the baseball boy

in this challenge is when you had to go around the baseball diamond we completed this one but it was really hard. most of the time I was trying to get enough programs to do a full square then I just put a repeat on the coding 4 times and it worked

challenge 3 baseball

in this one we had to get it to third base but then he is going to be tagged out so he has to go back to second base

in this coding we used the same as last time but only for two repeats then it took forever to get it to turn I tried seconds degrease and rotoin it would I work in till I realized we needed to do a half turn not a full turn

so I tried 180 degrees and it WORKED!

I really loved this I really want to do this again