October 26

L.L.M Term 4

WEEK 1                                     QUESTION

this week there has been ups and downs where not using the app on the phone we are using buttons instead it’s a little learning quiz so we have print the question and made the two setups for the with the  Arduino we also had too go to john the Arduino master he fix are code and now one is almost working we have the other on working but we are trying to cut off the power supply to one led curse it was interfering with the other G


this week I was trying to cut off the power supply but when I tried it didn’t but I forgotten to take a clear photo of the original thing so I couldn’t put it back ( cate was pretty mad at me ) so for this week we had to keep trying to fix it and were pretty frustrated about this whole situation curs we both really want to make a cardboard vending machine for are next project band plus we don’t have the other one working yet we will keep trying tho curse were so close to finishing so were not going to stop this project yet we will get it to work I assure you


we fix the one I changed and we were so happy about that news all we have to do now is get the other on working it’s now Friday I’m just updating my blog but after I finish this GOOD BYE 🙂


we have not gotten the other one to work yet cates back and we couldn’t really do anything today that’s all i got done today i will write next week



we are almost in the middle of the term AND WE HAVE GOTTEN NOWHERE we are  clueless the code doesn’t the breadboard does not work please comment ideals to fix this we haven’t got many design lessons left till middle of the term and where still stuck i tried again on friday still no luck but i have a idea we are turning  it into a game called around the world trivia we haven’t gotten rules yet this friday cate was not here so i was flying solo next sesion i want to try and get the arduino i follow so many tutorial today i dont if it will ever work we need to keep trying GOOD BYE:)


TODAY WAS GREAT we got the small breadboard to work john walk in and some how fixed it  here the photo but we have one problem are big bread board stop working and now we need to focus on lego league next week


Last week we focus on lego league we didn’t make it to sydney but now we can focus on are project are mission is to finish are project next week so we can start a new one with lottie


we did it we did it we got it to work the map is complete and i have started the vending machine down bellow i will put a More down bellow


September 21

Who am i response

Who Am I reading response

Main part:  it’s a story about a aboriginal girl called Mary.  but her real name is Amy her name was change when she was taken away from her parent’s. and moved to Bomaderry a aboriginal home she had lots of friends and had lots of fun at least she thought that she was then one day she got moved to st ives with her new family. The Burkes. The Burkes were a pretty rich family near the end of the book. But her first day to last day of school was pretty bad. She kept being bullied by a boy called Johnny Jones. But then she met dot another aboriginal. Mary got taught all about her culture and realise what everybody was doing to her she finally realise she’s proud to be aboriginal

Main characters: Mary/Amy a adventurer’s girl who wants to find her family. Dot a slave and a wonderful teacher she wants to become a teacher, but she is a aboriginal. Ma b Mary new white mum ignorant but sweet


I think the moral is where equal and just cause there black does not mean there not human



I gave it a 5 because I found it really interesting about what the stolen generations is and learn alot about the true owners of are land


September 17


I belong to a drama group

the benefit is i get to hang out with awesome people in a awesome place we play games and we film and we learned a script  its great curse its like a second family i talked with the girls and we tougher in games and i love going there every Friday it like my school away from this one we work together in our little films as well

I belong to moorabal orchestra

the benefit of being in this group is i get to learn how to play the viola with people who are also learning how to play. we get to perform at concerts and play for early learning i go there every wednesday  and play songs that we all love and practice for are next performance .

I belong to my swimming group

the benefits of this group is that i have fun in water witch is a place i love it fun to do breaststroke and freestyle down the pool and back with my instocer lee on thursday i just swim up and down the pool.

What do they have in common

they all are fun and they all feel like family to me all of them make me feel like i am where i belong

September 14

Bombing of Darwin review

Bombing of Darwin

this is about a boy called tom who moved to Darwin during world war 2  while the Japaneses were bombing  places like Singapore and the ti wee island and was getting closer to Darwin when you  read this you will follow toms story and all the friends he makes and loses as he sees how different it is from Adelaide.

How is it similar  to other books

i find it similar to my friend the enemy curse there not getting racist comments but there friends do but in who am i they both loses a family member

i will rate it 4 and a half  curse it was good curse it grabbed me by the action  but not as good as the other ones

September 7

LVM update


today we finish making the aurduino part but we haven’t starter coding  yet the video will show us how tomorrow home room he is a photo we didn’t take to long to this 


today we got some of the programming done Bronte help us we ended up finishing the program but after we saved it it shut down we had to order 2 things from jay cart  the sound sensor and the big bred broad

the next few days we kept trying to get the code to work we don’t have that long we found a video that showed us how to do this but it only worked on a android you needed to get a app called bt voice Arduino

but you can only get it on android so we checked if it was on apple phone but it wasn’t then we found this app that controls Arduino led we were only going to use it for teaching so we had the idea if the teacher had the app the kids could say the country and the teacher could turn that led on it was just a idea we might keep trying with a sound sensor I’m going to look in to it at home so that’s my update bye

week 3: ( last week of term 3)

we have discovered that the app meant your house lights  so we tried the sound sensor as it kept going closer to the end of term we started to panic so we had a other idea what if a button control two country we have two uno boards and two computer and two breadboard maybe it cloud work so that is what we’re going to try

day 2

we started working on the button its built and ready but were having trouble with the code that’s all we got done

day 3

we are getting ready for a little expo tomorrow we got a little poster we dint get any work done we got the code but still does not upload that was are last day tomorrow maybe next term we will get it done

September 7


Pinnacle walk

By Grace Speight

I see the start of the trail my body freezing in the cold wind. Soon we would start the hike we started walking every step made me hotter and hotter. Jordan the man leading the hike made a stop right by a beautiful cave called Cool Chamber. I grabbed my flashlight and step towards the cave. As we went deeper in the cave it got colder and darker then when we could not fit any more. I went back so did most of the group then we set off again. Stairs lots of stairs wooden and rock I talk to Thavisa most of the way upstairs but then after more and more stairs we stop by a waterfall to fill our drink bottles. The water tasted sweet it was way better than tap water. After everyone filled their drink bottle we set off again. This time I had energy I stayed in the front group, but then when we finished climbing the rocks and we got to this narrow hall that lead to the stairs. That was the top after I got through there, we would be at the top. As I walk though I feel the walls closing in I just wanted to get though that part I ran as fast as could I made it out! I climbed over some rocks and REDLIGHT. It means stop so I stop as the rest of the group catch up to the leading group. Then, we climb over the last rock and there it was. A beautiful view I was stunned by the sight the wind blowing so strong it could lift up a tree then we had to go back DOWN oh no going up was hard enough. After doing the struggles of going down all the stairs and rocks then I saw it I saw the bus it was the end of the hike. I learnt that the world will be better if its left better off and that me and Lexi have a lot in Common, and then that was the end of camp.

August 24

LVM update

lvm means led voice map so  that when you say something like etc Africa that country would light up. but we have gotten no where we are using aurdunio but we are thinking of changing curse we don’t get it that much that a little recap on what i have been doing i also did a bit of revision so that is all we did byee

August 14

Term 3 project

day 1 :

today we chose are project in term 3 to 4 we are doing chose project we could work with a partner or by are selfs I’m working with cate and where making a art bot a art bot is a robot that can draw we wanted it to look like this we wrote down about poject we did

day 2

today we figured out how to build it we tried many buids but none of them seem to work then the bell went so we were stuck

day 3

today we finshed the art bot we buit it almost exactly like the picture here is a video

it was easy after you get how to do it BUT it takes aloght of tries to get it right we only had pictures to tell use how to make it so we kind of Improvised here is what it ended up looking like this we had fun but now we are moving to other projects

July 20

Simple Machines

our last rotation was simple machines in was at robo cup when they were building the simple machines

so I just builded with Lego we do 2.0 we built 2 bases and then we needed to make where the string geos around we used the inside of a big wheel for a part of are simple machines then we hooked a motor to the big wheel then we had a piece of string that could loop around the 2 bases then we tried program it to move the wheel it moved the wheel but the string didn’t move so we tried making it higher then we realzed they work on 2 morters so we needed 2 moters and we had two computers charloote use her computer to do lego we do 1 while I control Lego we do 2 and it worked but when we put the guy on it  didn’t work we needed to get off some weight so we took off the body and had just the head it couldn’t get pass the big wheel so we use the small wheels and he go past perfect the simple machines  

in this is the moter making the wheel spin and the wheel was connected the string and the string moved

all the program was simple we just made it turn that all for now