Passion Project #update

I am researching the web about how to make a football out of papermarshe.

Theirs not much but I’m planning to start the first model next week. I haven’t really stared the model. I plan on doing quite a few model of it. I’m going to first see what’s inside of a football by cutting it open to see what materials they used since all the videos I found were soccer or in a factory. There are no videos or tutorial’s on a papermarshe football.

Mum might help me since my dad’s not here and Lottie offered to help me.

That’s where I’m at with my passion project so far.

Birke Baehr TED talk

Birke is a young boy about 12 who discovered the real food we eat.                                        The food we eat isn’t always the best. Most of it is genetically modified like a tomato with fish DNA. He proved to us that the picture on the front means nothing to what’s inside it.

Then he showed us what the animals have to do. I’m sure your thinking of cows eating grass and pigs rolling in mud pits. Well you are wrong they are all in cages not like your dream at all . And pretty much everything we eat from supermarket was spared with chemicals to make it last longer.

The most powerful statement was would you rather pay the farmer or the hospital it left people stunned and them think am I living an healthy life. He doesn’t force you to not buy thing from the supermarket just don’t always trust it.

Richared Turre

Richard Turre is a young boy who was struggling to keep the lions away from the stock but them he had an idea and turned it into a ted talk.

The main message was that you don’t need to kill them just find another way to do it I love this message it really relates to then topic.

His way was blinking lights he made an invention with car motors that would scare off lions. The stuff he used were  a clicker to go through his slide and I think a lapel mic was used. He connected his audience to his story by giggles at the right time with lots or serious stuff.

This is a great ted talk one I would like to look like when I do it.

Think Online

The think board is about how you should think before you post or comment on any public platform.

The main words are

T is it true?            Are you lying about the person who post this even if you think its true double check your facts

H is it helpful?     Will this help them with there post is it going to make them feel better if there ranting

I is it  inspiring?     Will they get inspired is what your saying is it going to make them feel better  about them self’s

N is it Necessary?     Are you sure about posting this is completely necessary what your saying

is it kind ?              Are you the mean one in this situation

This is how you should think if you post comment or upload anything.

Passion Project

My passion is AFL.

And this term my passion project is to make a football.

I’m going to make it out of papermarshe you might not be able to kick it but if I make it strong maybe you can.

Footy is my passion and I might do it on ted talks but lm not sure                                               I hope to bring in a football coloured in my favourite colours (yellow or blue).

And be able to have a kick on the field.

Thomas Suarez TED Talk

Thomas Suarez did a TED talk about his passion

his passion is technology\apps

he really left you stunned of what you could do even if your a kid. he had quite a clear voice and to explain things in a funny way and left every one laughing he made it sound like he wasn’t talking to a room of people he was talking to you! he made you feel like I can do so much more then I think I can and really made you want to code well that’s how I felt his message was to try something new like he tried coding and try teaching some one to

he also didn’t look at the script that much so you could tell he was very well prepared I think its amazing what he did at this age he made you want to try out his passion curse it might just be your passion


Green screen

This was are final one.


The video explains most of it. But i can tell you some rules.

  • no shoes
  • no food or drink
  • 20 min
  • never lock the door
  • don’t tap on the window while filming
  • sign in always                                                                                                        there are important or you might get banned these are just some of them.                  That was the last clinic i hope i get my directors hat soon.

Royalty Free Music

we learnt about copy right it was hard finding the songs tho the hardest was the greatest showman

The Greatest Showman

Star Wars



Creepy (it didn’t work)




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