March 8

first legowedo

this is are first week where doing all the simple stuff first like learning how the moter works

easy and works it didn’t take to long to make I mean it was are first try what happens is the moter twist and it affects only one of them but with the rubber band it makes them both move. very simple to make it was exiting to see how we did and it work i learnt that a rubier band makes both of them move

dancing birds:

OK this one wasn’t to easy it almost didn’t work but eve saved us

so what happens is the birds the moter moves one of the green gears and the rubber band makes the other one move and we were also ask to program it to  dance go one way and stop and go another way.     this was the funniest one

stay in tune for next time

November 10

Year 4 Camp Reflection

hello readers

today I will tell you about my camp experience well this is how it went.

Day 1 : Ferne Gully Lodge Activities

we did so much cool stuff at Ferne Gully Lodge like zip line ‘ leap of faith ‘ Giant Swing ‘ Archery And commando course. my favriote one was the Giant Swing what they do they put a harness  on you then they clip you in they the rest of your  group pulls you up I all about the grip I didn’t make it to the top but if I knew how fun it was then I would have gone to the top. I am not going to lie but I was sacred to death on the leap of faith  I didn’t make it to the top those but I was night we also wacth the lorax

day 2 :puffing billy ‘Yellingbo Reserve’ Dandenong

this day was pack we went in our groups (I was in Mrs launces group) and went two this reserve for the Helmeted honey Eater they showed us so much of them they so cute it was sad learn that there used to be only 50 left in the wild but now theirs about 200 then we took off to PUFFYING BILY it was so much fun I went in craggier number 15  I took endless photos then when we were there we had lunch lots of birds crowed around us one even flew on my HEAD. then ranger Julia took us on a tour around the garden it was amazing how tall mountain ash is it was boatful then after we jumped on the bus and left we had a another movie it was the best movie I had ever watch I had a good sleep. now on to the next day

day 3 : Hillsville sanctuary

ok let me tell you something I have been here 10000 times. I think the best part was the bird show it was so cool my favriote bird was Kevin here was a parrot  that talk it was awesome there was also a wedge tail egail it keep on eating for the whole time he showed us how she ate. we also had a playterpuss show I learnt what balloon can do to the environment so I had promise that I would use bubbles at my next event not balloons we also got to go to the gift shop I got a cute platypuses then we left and I was reaudited with my family camp was the best exsion yet.


September 4

Mt Rothwell Excursion Reflection

Hello Readers,

Yesterday we went on an excursion to Mt Rothwell Biodiversity Interpretation Centre. Here we learnt… and we got the opportunity to complete the following activities:

  1. Rock Wallaby spotting
  2. Cape-weed Weeding to help grow more food for the Brush-tailed Rock Wallabies and other animals
  3. Art with Sue Anderson
  4. Scat and tracks exploring
  5. Night walk to spot the nocturnal animals in their habitat 

I was in Mrs Malone group we first saw the rock wallaby they where very cute one was staring right at us but he jumped away  then we did weeding it was tiring but fun as well but mostly tyring  then we had to walk back for ART it was so much FUN Sue Anderson is a famous artist who is known for land space she talk to us all about her work  i loved how we shared our  picture with the person on our left and we would all get the persons next to us picture and then draw something else on it then we painted with water colours I painted a tree  it was old and burnt but lots of leaves on it then we look at skeletons . they where kind of scary we tried to guess what animals they where. then we got given a book that was called tracks scats and other traces. we had to team up I was wives eve I was the person who holds da book while eve look for clues. we found so many clues such as feather bones and paw print and even POO. then we whent back for DINNER! Richard cook us dinner yeah Richard came any way we got  sausages, it was a big fight for a table so me and eve and lenea and Tavy we found a spot on the gourd and ate our dinner then we got in to our groups grab our flashlight (I lost mine which was sad)then we head off as we where walking down we saw a eastern bard bandicoot it was cute then we saw an owl. we kept on walking we didn’t see much  after that after the night walk we gather our stuff(I found my flashlight I known I am silly to not look in my hat)and got on the bus it was a fun day and night see you all in my next blog bye for now

August 25

farm day :)

on the 22 of the 8 2017 we had so much fun at the farm and it was my birthday on the same day 😁 my fav part was dampers they had cheese fruit and seeds I chooses seeds I dind’t like the shearing that much because haw they sheared the sheep I just didn’t like it . my group was call the bandit with Mrs shier. we also got to ride a mini crane it was fun then we got to sit in this GIANT machine I can’t remember the name those. I also like the quiz . so we got given a pieces on paper that had question on it we all got pared up and started the quiz. it was like a tour of the farm we also got given a big chat by this guy who use to teach the enviro he talk about indigenous plants and native plants and he gave us a pamphlets about native plants a man also showed us an old saddle that they used to put on the horses. we also  got told how they put on and how they had these thing by side the horses’ head to keep it focus. then we got on another bus and what to a other farm. we had lunch at that farm we had to climb up a little steep hill and the view up there was amazing but then we had to go back to school that was a very fun day too bad it had to end so quickly


August 1

Reading response: You and Me, Murrawee

Reading response: You and Me, Murrawee

What did the author and illustrator want us to think about and know from reading this book?

this book is about a girl who takes the same footsteps as an aboriginal child. They did the same things in different time, 200 years apart.

I think the author wanted us to think about the way they did things and then look at the way we do things. We use so much power I never knew that we use so much power we never really took a close look at the river…noticing the things around us.

June 23

semester 1 reflection

my first semester at middle school has been interesting because of my teachers and my friends.

my favourite  class I had this semester was PE. 

in Envrio we had lots of fun but 1 gunnie pig died so did Magnificent the chicken it was sad but when you look after 5 Guinea pigs and 9 or 8 chickens things do get a little out of hand. 

one of our projects was a local animal diorama when we pick a local bird or animal then resrech about it I am doing the blue wren also known as the supep fairy wren or fairy wren.

we’re doing a house music competition – my house Pegasus is singing ‘I’m still standing’.

in Enviro we cook every Friday each class takes it in turns to cook with Richard I cooed pizza.

next term we are doing drama I am so existing .

we also do river time where we go drown to the barown river and catch fish shrimp and water bugs.

we had a full on term so I am tired. I can’t wait till drama because it sounds fun I love acting next term is going to be lots of fun but I am going to miss art it was lots of fun 

June 16

Welcome to your new Digital Portfolio


Welcome to your College Digital Portfolio! A Digital Portfolio is like having your own website. It is a place for you to learn about being an active and responsible digital citizen by creating a portfolio of your best work to showcase and share with others. Through the creation of a blog, you will be able to write regular reflections and share your learning journey through photo and video with your teachers, parents, each other and possibly even experts from all around the world.

For more information and support, speak to your teacher, explore, play and learn from each other! Learn how to publish your first post by visiting Publish your First Post. After that see what you can do! Visit the Edublogs User Guide for more help developing your new online space.

There are so many ways in which to use your space, for example:

  • Documenting and reflecting on your learning, passions, and interests, both in and out of school
  • Curating and highlighting work for your Student-Led Conferences
  • In some instances, your teachers will also ask you to submit, reflect and comment on other students work in this portfolio

That’s enough to get you going. Your Digital Portfolio should be a fun, enriching and rewarding way to explore, find or create your place in the world. Good luck!