InΒ  math we did an activity called Tamgrams where we had to figure out what fraction value the shapes in the sheet were.

I have prepared a video several times but the file was always too large to upload here. I then prepared it in 2 short parts but even the shorter parts are too large. Please contact me to see videos.


Design Project

In Design, I chose to make stuffed toy bunnies with light up ears with my partner Thavinsa.Β  Before we did this, we had to do some warm up exercises on the sewing machine to make sure we knew how to use them. It was easiest to follow the sewing steps. The sewing steps were developed by the Year 5’s last year. The sewing steps are:

  1. Put your fabric on the start line
  2. Put your sewing machine’s foot down
  3. pull the thread
  4. Β turn the crank 3 towards you
  5. make sure the needle is down
  6. put the pedal to the metal!

You can see some pictures below of my bunny template

and me sewing the feet.





The ideas that are important to my project are the vision and purpose of what I wanted to make and how it would look and feel.Β My vision was for a fluffy cute white toy bunny. I had to consider what tools and fabric I needed to create my design project. I had to have a pattern or outline also. I researched online to get this.

I did not finish my bunny completely. The things I need to do now is sew the conductive thread through the negative side of the LEDs on my bunny. I also need to stuff the bunny and sew the rest of it up. This can be a challenge but you can do it with a bit of effort.

I think I could do better on the speed of my work as I worked quite slowly. I did this because I wanted a good quality bunny. Next time I think I should record my working more as I would get a better outcome and it will make me feel better that I have succeeded in time.

I did solve the problem, luckily, of my fabric being too thick and fluffy for the sewing machines. I worked out how to use the fabric without it getting caught in the machine. This was through trial and error.

I am working well with my team mate Thavinsa to get through these problems and in the project. We have helped eachother, for example, with planning out.

My plan was detailed enough to achieve my goal because I knew what height and width I needed, fabric and materials and how to sew it on the inside out to begin with and then turn it back out.


Here are some pitchers of were i am up to now.


from then I sewed my negative circuit and made my lights light up. It worked the first time and then I went to do a small workshop with Mrs Watson. We worked on stuffed toys and I realised I could only turn on my lights on from the battery pack. This is OK at the moment. I am still working on a stuffed toy alien with the small group with Mrs Watson. so i have pause my project but it has helped meΒ  finger out why my bunny only turn s on at the power pack because i sewed though the switch and that made my lights turn on at the power pack. I didn’t tell you this but for some time my lights didn’t work and i thought that some thing was wrong with my circuit but the problem was my battery was dead some how but lucky i got a new battery.Β  Now i can sew my bunny together and stuff it in the next lesion. I also finished my alien here is a video of it working.

From then i have hand stiched my bunny and stuffed it so i have FINISHED MY PROJECT!!!!!!Β  here is a pic with my LEDS working.