Passion Project #2 Update

So far with my cross stitch picture I’ve done nearly a leaf. I’m going to work extra hard to finish it off in the next three weeks. I’ll be doing a bit every night instead of doing it only on the weekends. If a don’t finish it on the deadline I’ll continue with a small owl I started to make just before the project started. But I’m feeling pretty good about it all. Sometimes my thread gets a bit tangled up so I’ll have to be careful if I don’t want to start my project again.

Passion Project Term 4 Description post #1!

This term for my passion project I am going to make a cross stitch picture. Cross stitch is a form of sewing and I was taught it by my mum some 5 years ago. With cross stitch you always have to use a specific type of thread for it. The thread is quite thick so its easy to be seen. The piece of fabric is very rough and is designed so that you can sew using squares. You start the square at the top left side then go down to the bottom right, then you go up to the top right and move down to the bottom left, or vice versa. That was just one stitch by the way. Cross stitch is my most favourite form of sewing. When I have finished I intend to give it to my grandmother as a gift or display it on the shelf at home. My mum has four cross stitch books from beginner to harder levels so I will be using one of them. After I’m finished I will get it framed.

Checkpoint 3: #reflect

This term I have really enjoyed making this project. I originally made a short story but ended up making a really short film. I don’t have a favourite part because it was all fun. Writing the story, making it into a film and tomorrow showing it to everyone. I had to read a couple of my sisters books to gain some knowledge about the type of books little kids read because I was aiming for that age. After I read a heap a picked one book about a certain story. (I can’t tell you yet because I haven’t shown it yet to anyone.) I wrote my own version of it and made what it is today. I didn’t have any challenges so that was great! It was really fun!

Cultures of the World!

Halfway through this term we started a task called cultures of the world. The task was to pick a country and do some research about it. We had to find out about the religion, social behaviours, customs and religion.

I used to live in Srilanka (which was my country) for five years so I have experienced what it’s like to live there. But now in Australia my family don’t really do everything that we would have done in Srilanka. Something different was that you’re meant to go to the temple every month when the moon is a complete circle. But because we live in Geelong and the temples are in Melbourne we don’t go all the time, only occasionally when we have nothing on we go.

However some of the similarities are that we take our shoes off before we enter a house as a sign of respect and we also where white when we go to the temple. We generally eat rice and curry but not all the time.

When I lived in Srilanka i was very interested in the three wheelers which are vehicles with three wheels. There is a small door to stop you from falling off but the top half is open so you get to poke your head out of it. And because Srilanka is close to the sun line it hardly ever rains.

The most challenging thing that I faced was going to school. School started around seven to seven thirty and I found that a bit of a challenge. School is very tough and I got lots of homework, even in prep! When I came to Australia that was different because school is much more relaxed.

Passion Project Update post

So far I have really enjoyed my passion project. Right now I am in the middle of creating the story. I have a pretty good visual of what the story is going to be about and how it’s going to look. I want it to be a short novel like the ones Junior Schools kids read. I have been reading some of my sisters books in secret to get ideas because she’s in year 2 and that’s the type of age I’m aiming for. I’m pretty confident about how everything is going along and I can’t wait until the final product. I’m pretty sure I’m going to use Adobe Premiere for the final product because then I can add lots of different pictures to add to my story. (the picture below will give a hint!)

Passion Project # Description

For my passion project this term I intend to write a short story. This book is going to be a short novel and I’m targeting it at all ages but especially younger readers. If I get time I might turn my story into a film. I’m planning to do it on my laptop or out of just normal paper. I have a faint idea about what my stories going to be about but I won’t reveal anything yet because I want to keep it a surprise. I’m really looking forward to doing this project because it will help with my OOTW project because one of the choices I chose was making a book. I can’t wait to make it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😊😊


Passion Project #3 Reflection

I think I have achieved what I wanted at the start of the term when we chose our passion projects and I’m really proud of my self for getting where I wanted to get to. This has been an amazing experience for me and I have enjoyed the challenges and obstacles that I walked across. I have had success in my whole project that I have worked on. The only thing I couldn’t add was the viola part. It was a little bit difficult to transpose it and play the real song instead of something different. The only challenge that I encountered was making the song in the first place. After I tackled that Everything went along smoothly as I expected it to go.If I could extend anything I did in this project I would have liked to add more instruments to it. I’m sure if that happened it would sound even more realistic. Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed this project and tend to do it more often. 😊😊

Checkpoint 2: #update

I have really enjoyed this project so far. I have finally come up with a song that I am happy and confident with. I did it on piano first because its easy to change things on the keys and then transpose into alto clef which is what the viola plays on. The song itself sounds to me like a relaxing, magical and mystical piece of music and I am not planning on letting anyone hear it until the due date. Because I’ve got the tune ready most of my work is done. All I need to do is to record it on piano and viola and put them both into Adobe Premiere with a couple of pictures to suit the music.

The most challenging part of the process was to come up with the music because you have to get all the chords right and you have to make sure that you can play it on both instruments. Also you have to make sure it actually sounds like a real piece of music. The best music comes from the heart because it’s something that you can connect with even more. Another challenge that I faced was for me to record because when I had like eight more notes to go one of my sisters would come in and interrupt me so the only time I can record is when they’re asleep at night.

My next step is to record it on both instruments and to put it onto Adobe Premiere. After that it should sound like a real piece of music!

I cant wait to hear what it sounds like!

(Also I don’t really have pictures to show my progress because I did all the planning and everything on my piano and viola.)

Birke Baehr’s TED Talk

One of the main messages that I picked up was that people are tricked into believing that the food they eat come from happy little farms with cows grazing on the grass and pigs rolling in the mud. But Birke made it clear that this wasn’t the case. He explained that our food comes sprayed in chemicals that can harm us for lifetime.

Another message I picked up was that some people in the world notice things that aren’t right. They notice things and take action. Birke researched and found that our food system is getting penetrated with chemicals and we don’t even know it. He decided that something had to be done about it. So he got up and made people listen to him.

Another message was that starting with one person, you can make a difference. He told us a story of how he had convinced his little cousin that eating these food products can really harm our health system. And after that it will spread, one person to another, and you wont even know that you did it!

Something powerful that I learned was that food making people added the DNA of a fish to the DNA of a tomato. He explained how they did this and why they did this really thoroughly because he wanted his audience to understand the seriousness of this situation. Everything he said was relevant and very factual.

Another powerful thing he said was that everyone can make a difference. And he said that we could all make the difference one kid at a time. That was really powerful because that meant that he new he was making a difference. One kid at a time meant that the message would spread like butter gently melting across your toast.

The last powerful thing he mentioned was when he said “would you rather pay for the farmer or the hospital?” He was asking, would you rather eat chemical added food or fresh food. That made it really clear that chemical food was really affecting our health system. Because it was harming our health system he tried and succeeded in getting his message across really clearly.

Passion Project Term 1 #Description

For my first passion project I really want to write a song. I play two musical instruments, piano and viola. I can play both pretty fluently. I imagine it would take a couple of weeks to write the sing and play it but I think it would be worth all the effort. After I write the song I might get my sister in year two to sing in the video. I’m creating a song straight out of the blue but I intend to make it a smooth type of music.

The only technologies I’m planning to use are Adobe Premiere and my phone or computer for recording. We’ve used Adobe Premiere before so this will develop my skills on it even more. Last term we made movies using Adobe Premiere so this term I can action some feedback I got if I can.

My project is targeted at anyone who is interested in music. I think that making music brings joy to the world so I encourage more people to give it a go. Playing a musical instrument is a pleasure and it takes your mind off things that are constantly bugging you.

I’m looking forward for the creation of the actual song and to see the end product. I’m also quite interested in seeing what sort of song I’m going to come up with because I’ve only touched on it a bit. Another part I’m looking forward to is the editing because I get to see the whole thing come together.

I can’t wait to start creating and making my song!