Passion Project Term 4 Description post #1!

This term for my passion project I am going to make a cross stitch picture. Cross stitch is a form of sewing and I was taught it by my mum some 5 years ago. With cross stitch you always have to use a specific type of thread for it. The thread is quite thick so its easy to be seen. The piece of fabric is very rough and is designed so that you can sew using squares. You start the square at the top left side then go down to the bottom right, then you go up to the top right and move down to the bottom left, or vice versa. That was just one stitch by the way. Cross stitch is my most favourite form of sewing. When I have finished I intend to give it to my grandmother as a gift or display it on the shelf at home. My mum has four cross stitch books from beginner to harder levels so I will be using one of them. After I’m finished I will get it framed.

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