Cultures of the World!

Halfway through this term we started a task called cultures of the world. The task was to pick a country and do some research about it. We had to find out about the religion, social behaviours, customs and religion.

I used to live in Srilanka (which was my country) for five years so I have experienced what it’s like to live there. But now in Australia my family don’t really do everything that we would have done in Srilanka. Something different was that you’re meant to go to the temple every month when the moon is a complete circle. But because we live in Geelong and the temples are in Melbourne we don’t go all the time, only occasionally when we have nothing on we go.

However some of the similarities are that we take our shoes off before we enter a house as a sign of respect and we also where white when we go to the temple. We generally eat rice and curry but not all the time.

When I lived in Srilanka i was very interested in the three wheelers which are vehicles with three wheels. There is a small door to stop you from falling off but the top half is open so you get to poke your head out of it. And because Srilanka is close to the sun line it hardly ever rains.

The most challenging thing that I faced was going to school. School started around seven to seven thirty and I found that a bit of a challenge. School is very tough and I got lots of homework, even in prep! When I came to Australia that was different because school is much more relaxed.

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