Checkpoint 2: #update

I have really enjoyed this project so far. I have finally come up with a song that I am happy and confident with. I did it on piano first because its easy to change things on the keys and then transpose into alto clef which is what the viola plays on. The song itself sounds to me like a relaxing, magical and mystical piece of music and I am not planning on letting anyone hear it until the due date. Because I’ve got the tune ready most of my work is done. All I need to do is to record it on piano and viola and put them both into Adobe Premiere with a couple of pictures to suit the music.

The most challenging part of the process was to come up with the music because you have to get all the chords right and you have to make sure that you can play it on both instruments. Also you have to make sure it actually sounds like a real piece of music. The best music comes from the heart because it’s something that you can connect with even more. Another challenge that I faced was for me to record because when I had like eight more notes to go one of my sisters would come in and interrupt me so the only time I can record is when they’re asleep at night.

My next step is to record it on both instruments and to put it onto Adobe Premiere. After that it should sound like a real piece of music!

I cant wait to hear what it sounds like!

(Also I don’t really have pictures to show my progress because I did all the planning and everything on my piano and viola.)

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