Birke Baehr’s TED Talk

One of the main messages that I picked up was that people are tricked into believing that the food they eat come from happy little farms with cows grazing on the grass and pigs rolling in the mud. But Birke made it clear that this wasn’t the case. He explained that our food comes sprayed in chemicals that can harm us for lifetime.

Another message I picked up was that some people in the world notice things that aren’t right. They notice things and take action. Birke researched and found that our food system is getting penetrated with chemicals and we don’t even know it. He decided that something had to be done about it. So he got up and made people listen to him.

Another message was that starting with one person, you can make a difference. He told us a story of how he had convinced his little cousin that eating these food products can really harm our health system. And after that it will spread, one person to another, and you wont even know that you did it!

Something powerful that I learned was that food making people added the DNA of a fish to the DNA of a tomato. He explained how they did this and why they did this really thoroughly because he wanted his audience to understand the seriousness of this situation. Everything he said was relevant and very factual.

Another powerful thing he said was that everyone can make a difference. And he said that we could all make the difference one kid at a time. That was really powerful because that meant that he new he was making a difference. One kid at a time meant that the message would spread like butter gently melting across your toast.

The last powerful thing he mentioned was when he said “would you rather pay for the farmer or the hospital?” He was asking, would you rather eat chemical added food or fresh food. That made it really clear that chemical food was really affecting our health system. Because it was harming our health system he tried and succeeded in getting his message across really clearly.

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