Passion Project Term 1 #Description

For my first passion project I really want to write a song. I play two musical instruments, piano and viola. I can play both pretty fluently. I imagine it would take a couple of weeks to write the sing and play it but I think it would be worth all the effort. After I write the song I might get my sister in year two to sing in the video. I’m creating a song straight out of the blue but I intend to make it a smooth type of music.

The only technologies I’m planning to use are Adobe Premiere and my phone or computer for recording. We’ve used Adobe Premiere before so this will develop my skills on it even more. Last term we made movies using Adobe Premiere so this term I can action some feedback I got if I can.

My project is targeted at anyone who is interested in music. I think that making music brings joy to the world so I encourage more people to give it a go. Playing a musical instrument is a pleasure and it takes your mind off things that are constantly bugging you.

I’m looking forward for the creation of the actual song and to see the end product. I’m also quite interested in seeing what sort of song I’m going to come up with because I’ve only touched on it a bit. Another part I’m looking forward to is the editing because I get to see the whole thing come together.

I can’t wait to start creating and making my song!

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