Richard Turere TED Talk

I think that one of the main messages was that one simple thing can turn into a very valued invention. Richard experienced some difficulties but he didn’t give up. He found that lions were frightened of moving lights so he thought of an invention that could turn on different lights at different times at night to scare the lions away from eating their stock. He never gave up even when life got tough.

He got his messages across to his audience by adding a little bit of humour to keep his audience engaged with his speech. But he didn’t do a full on joke right through the whole presentation because then his audience wouldn’t take him seriously. He also had some images that showed what was happening to his community because of the lions and how he solved the problem with his simple but effective invention.

For technical support Richard used a screen, microphone and a clicker to flick through the images. He needed the microphone to magnify his voice because he was in a really large hall and even though it would echo people sitting at the back wouldn’t really hear him. He used the screen to show images of what his county’s problem was and how he solved it. He also didn’t use a script like Thomas Suarez used because Thomas had his iPad with him.

Richard had great eye contact with his audience and he didn’t look away. He didn’t have a script with him and he looked as if he he practised his script thoroughly because he didn’t hesitate in his speaking and he spoke very clearly. Even though Richard had a thick accent he communicated well with his audience using the screen for images.

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