Thomas Suarez Ted Talk

I think that one of the main messages in Thomas’s Ted Talk is that from starting with a small idea or a passion you can develop on that. In Thomas’s case he wanted to make apps so when the Apple company released the apple iPhone he created apps. Another message that I took away was that if you work hard to achieve a goal you will most likely achieve it. Thomas really wanted to release some apps so he worked hard and released some.

Some ways in which he got his messages to the audience was interacting well with them. He showed examples and talked about what he did, what his doing now and what he would like to do in the future. He also engaged his audience and made them laugh which was a really positive reaction to when your presenting something. Engaging with your audience really helps connect with them and get your main messages across really well and efficiently.

For technical support Thomas used the screen for showing images, a microphone to magnify his voice, his iPad for a bit of extra support and a clicker to flick past the images on the screen. The fact that he used the screen to show images of his project really helped to connect with his audience because it showed everything he had done and was going to do. Using a head microphone was essential for Thomas because the hall was quite large and he had to magnify his voice quite a lot in order for everyone to hear what he was saying and interact with him more.

As for presentation techniques he had very good eye contact with his audience and would only look at his iPad for little prompts he needed to keep the flow. He entertained his audience very well by cracking up some little jokes along the way of his presentation to make sure that he had a bit of humour in his presentation. He spoke very well with different voice levels and sound and he didn’t get stuck on his script too much.

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