THINK Online

The THINK acronym is basically a safety program which makes sure that everything that we post on any media platform has its place on it. The THINK acronym is the basis for that.

TRUE- Posting something on a media platform generally has to be true. Saying something that is false can cause a lot of commotion and rifts between people. Something that’s false can cause misleading and fights between people. Even if you meant it as a joke someone may take it seriously.

HELPFUL- Posting something that isn’t helpful can be a waste of time. Even if you mean it as a joke maybe you can tell the person face to face because again, someone might take is seriously. Things that aren’t helpful doesn’t have their place on a world wide media platform.

INSPIRING- Something that’s inspiring causes people to step out of their comfort zones and try something new. If the thing that you published on a social media platform is not inspiring and is a bit of a put down you can cause people to hide away from others and stop them from being who they are.

NECESSARY-Posting something on a media platform that isn’t necessary doesn’t really have its place there. If it isn’t necessary people will ignore it and wont pay any attention to it even if you thought it was a joke. Things that aren’t necessary will be ignored and you might even get judged on that. To find people judging you of something you thought was a joke is not a very nice feeling at all.

KIND-Posting something on a world wide media platform that isn’t kind and is hurting someones feelings is not a bright idea. People will see your true colours and may not want to be with you anymore. Posting something kind is a nice thing to do and it makes you feel good as well as everyone else. Spreading positive spirit instead on negativity is very nice.


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