Checkpoint 2: #update

I have really enjoyed this project so far. I have finally come up with a song that I am happy and confident with. I did it on piano first because its easy to change things on the keys and then transpose into alto clef which is what the viola plays on. The song itself sounds to me like a relaxing, magical and mystical piece of music and I am not planning on letting anyone hear it until the due date. Because I’ve got the tune ready most of my work is done. All I need to do is to record it on piano and viola and put them both into Adobe Premiere with a couple of pictures to suit the music.

The most challenging part of the process was to come up with the music because you have to get all the chords right and you have to make sure that you can play it on both instruments. Also you have to make sure it actually sounds like a real piece of music. The best music comes from the heart because it’s something that you can connect with even more. Another challenge that I faced was for me to record because when I had like eight more notes to go one of my sisters would come in and interrupt me so the only time I can record is when they’re asleep at night.

My next step is to record it on both instruments and to put it onto Adobe Premiere. After that it should sound like a real piece of music!

I cant wait to hear what it sounds like!

(Also I don’t really have pictures to show my progress because I did all the planning and everything on my piano and viola.)

Birke Baehr’s TED Talk

One of the main messages that I picked up was that people are tricked into believing that the food they eat come from happy little farms with cows grazing on the grass and pigs rolling in the mud. But Birke made it clear that this wasn’t the case. He explained that our food comes sprayed in chemicals that can harm us for lifetime.

Another message I picked up was that some people in the world notice things that aren’t right. They notice things and take action. Birke researched and found that our food system is getting penetrated with chemicals and we don’t even know it. He decided that something had to be done about it. So he got up and made people listen to him.

Another message was that starting with one person, you can make a difference. He told us a story of how he had convinced his little cousin that eating these food products can really harm our health system. And after that it will spread, one person to another, and you wont even know that you did it!

Something powerful that I learned was that food making people added the DNA of a fish to the DNA of a tomato. He explained how they did this and why they did this really thoroughly because he wanted his audience to understand the seriousness of this situation. Everything he said was relevant and very factual.

Another powerful thing he said was that everyone can make a difference. And he said that we could all make the difference one kid at a time. That was really powerful because that meant that he new he was making a difference. One kid at a time meant that the message would spread like butter gently melting across your toast.

The last powerful thing he mentioned was when he said “would you rather pay for the farmer or the hospital?” He was asking, would you rather eat chemical added food or fresh food. That made it really clear that chemical food was really affecting our health system. Because it was harming our health system he tried and succeeded in getting his message across really clearly.

Passion Project Term 1 #Description

For my first passion project I really want to write a song. I play two musical instruments, piano and viola. I can play both pretty fluently. I imagine it would take a couple of weeks to write the sing and play it but I think it would be worth all the effort. After I write the song I might get my sister in year two to sing in the video. I’m creating a song straight out of the blue but I intend to make it a smooth type of music.

The only technologies I’m planning to use are Adobe Premiere and my phone or computer for recording. We’ve used Adobe Premiere before so this will develop my skills on it even more. Last term we made movies using Adobe Premiere so this term I can action some feedback I got if I can.

My project is targeted at anyone who is interested in music. I think that making music brings joy to the world so I encourage more people to give it a go. Playing a musical instrument is a pleasure and it takes your mind off things that are constantly bugging you.

I’m looking forward for the creation of the actual song and to see the end product. I’m also quite interested in seeing what sort of song I’m going to come up with because I’ve only touched on it a bit. Another part I’m looking forward to is the editing because I get to see the whole thing come together.

I can’t wait to start creating and making my song!

Richard Turere TED Talk

I think that one of the main messages was that one simple thing can turn into a very valued invention. Richard experienced some difficulties but he didn’t give up. He found that lions were frightened of moving lights so he thought of an invention that could turn on different lights at different times at night to scare the lions away from eating their stock. He never gave up even when life got tough.

He got his messages across to his audience by adding a little bit of humour to keep his audience engaged with his speech. But he didn’t do a full on joke right through the whole presentation because then his audience wouldn’t take him seriously. He also had some images that showed what was happening to his community because of the lions and how he solved the problem with his simple but effective invention.

For technical support Richard used a screen, microphone and a clicker to flick through the images. He needed the microphone to magnify his voice because he was in a really large hall and even though it would echo people sitting at the back wouldn’t really hear him. He used the screen to show images of what his county’s problem was and how he solved it. He also didn’t use a script like Thomas Suarez used because Thomas had his iPad with him.

Richard had great eye contact with his audience and he didn’t look away. He didn’t have a script with him and he looked as if he he practised his script thoroughly because he didn’t hesitate in his speaking and he spoke very clearly. Even though Richard had a thick accent he communicated well with his audience using the screen for images.

THINK Online

The THINK acronym is basically a safety program which makes sure that everything that we post on any media platform has its place on it. The THINK acronym is the basis for that.

TRUE- Posting something on a media platform generally has to be true. Saying something that is false can cause a lot of commotion and rifts between people. Something that’s false can cause misleading and fights between people. Even if you meant it as a joke someone may take it seriously.

HELPFUL- Posting something that isn’t helpful can be a waste of time. Even if you mean it as a joke maybe you can tell the person face to face because again, someone might take is seriously. Things that aren’t helpful doesn’t have their place on a world wide media platform.

INSPIRING- Something that’s inspiring causes people to step out of their comfort zones and try something new. If the thing that you published on a social media platform is not inspiring and is a bit of a put down you can cause people to hide away from others and stop them from being who they are.

NECESSARY-Posting something on a media platform that isn’t necessary doesn’t really have its place there. If it isn’t necessary people will ignore it and wont pay any attention to it even if you thought it was a joke. Things that aren’t necessary will be ignored and you might even get judged on that. To find people judging you of something you thought was a joke is not a very nice feeling at all.

KIND-Posting something on a world wide media platform that isn’t kind and is hurting someones feelings is not a bright idea. People will see your true colours and may not want to be with you anymore. Posting something kind is a nice thing to do and it makes you feel good as well as everyone else. Spreading positive spirit instead on negativity is very nice.


Thomas Suarez Ted Talk

I think that one of the main messages in Thomas’s Ted Talk is that from starting with a small idea or a passion you can develop on that. In Thomas’s case he wanted to make apps so when the Apple company released the apple iPhone he created apps. Another message that I took away was that if you work hard to achieve a goal you will most likely achieve it. Thomas really wanted to release some apps so he worked hard and released some.

Some ways in which he got his messages to the audience was interacting well with them. He showed examples and talked about what he did, what his doing now and what he would like to do in the future. He also engaged his audience and made them laugh which was a really positive reaction to when your presenting something. Engaging with your audience really helps connect with them and get your main messages across really well and efficiently.

For technical support Thomas used the screen for showing images, a microphone to magnify his voice, his iPad for a bit of extra support and a clicker to flick past the images on the screen. The fact that he used the screen to show images of his project really helped to connect with his audience because it showed everything he had done and was going to do. Using a head microphone was essential for Thomas because the hall was quite large and he had to magnify his voice quite a lot in order for everyone to hear what he was saying and interact with him more.

As for presentation techniques he had very good eye contact with his audience and would only look at his iPad for little prompts he needed to keep the flow. He entertained his audience very well by cracking up some little jokes along the way of his presentation to make sure that he had a bit of humour in his presentation. He spoke very well with different voice levels and sound and he didn’t get stuck on his script too much.