Audio Booths

I missed out on this clinic but thankfully Katie.W and Hannah.B sat down with me and taught me what they learned about in it. Mr Galluccio was the teacher for that clinic. Like I said it’s mainly about rules that you have to maintain when your in or near the booths. Katie showed me the power point and Hannah explained everything with detail in about five minutes. I was really glad that they could sit down with me and explain everything. Thank you Katie and Hannah!

Royalty Free Music

This clinic was operated by Mr Gallucio and he taught us which types of music that your allowed to use for films and which types your not. Some of us got introduced to an app that has heaps of free music that we’re allowed to use. This program is called Bensound. Our task was to go onto Bensound and find different types of music that matched these six movies: Star Wars, The Greatest Showman, Wonder, IT and Titanic. I found two for Wonder, two for The Greatest Showman and two for Star Wars.

Wonder: Creative Minds and Memories

The Greatest Showman: A New Beginning and Beyond the Line

Star Wars: Epic and Evolution.

Zoom Cameras

Like I said before, zoom is the name of the brand of the camera. After Mr Henderson taught us how to use it we got into groups of six and shot a mini film. Doing this was really fun and it gave us a chance to use the zoom camera beforehand. This is a camera I am definitely going to use when I make my films. The main feature of the zoom camera is that it has really good audio. I’m really glad we learned how to operate the zoom cameras.


This was our first ever clinic and it was with Mr Henderson. After we learned about the correct way you hold the camera and what the different buttons mean, Mr Henderson gave a group of three a camera and a tripod. We practised setting everything up and then detaching everything so we now know how to do everything. A tripod makes filming easy so I’m really glad Mr Henderson taught us how to use one.

Point and Shoot Cameras

Doing this clinic advanced my knowledge on Point and Shoot Cameras. I now know about the six different photography rules: Rule of Thirds, Balancing Elements,Leading Eyes, Viewpoint, Background and Framing. I have already stated all of the definitions for the six rules in my video. Before I did this clinic I only knew about the basics of the Point and Shoot Cameras, but now I know about different techniques and ways on how to use them.


Presenting Your Piece to Camera

I really enjoyed doing this clinic as it taught me heaps about presenting to camera and the correct ways you do it. Mr Galluccio was a really big help as he explained everything with detail and expression. Doing this clinic really helped me because now I feel more confident and relaxed in front of a camera.

I learned that body and voice warm ups really help before you go and perform. One tip to remember is not to panic. If you panic you will lose your confidence and you will have trouble remembering your lines. Doing this blog really helped me practice keeping my eye looking down the camera and not to make it boring. If your video is too long it will be a bore to listen to it. Thank you for reading my blog!