Design Reflection for 2018

This year in design I’ve really enjoyed making projects and all the different activity’s and challenges the teachers have set for us. Making my project this year has been a very new and exciting experience. I may be able to transfer some of my knowledge into the year eight create project. This year for my project I’ve been making a light up soft toy. My first teddy that I made didn’t really work because the connection was poor, so I made a blob. This turned out to be very successful because I made sure that my circuit was super tight. Today was the expedition and today’s one was way better than last terms one. Today we got a table and filled it with our laptops, design books and our projects of course!  We also collected samples of the stuffing we used and the sewing patterns that we used.

At the start of the year for design each teacher had their own challenge for us. I remember us doing Arduino, Light up Masks and Hummingbirds. Arduino and Hummingbirds are quite similar if you think about it. They both have very similar wires and lights. With the knowledge that I now know I might make something similar to this in the year eight create program. Design has been a big part of this year for it has been fun, exciting, challenging and sometimes frustrating but really we have all enjoyed it. Design has made me open up my brain about robotics and lots more. I now know how to make a circuit that lights things up and I know how to program things. Design has been great and I’m sure that next years year fives are going to love it.