3 Projects that Interested Me

These are the 3 projects that interested me. Here is one of them.

This mountain was made by Michaela, Charlotte.K and Romy. I liked it because it looked like it has a long history of hard work and thinking to get to this point. I also like it because it looks really nice. I thought that the lights were a really creative idea that sparked it up a lot. The base of the mountain is made out of paper Mache. The house is made out of icy pole sticks as you can see. It also has a little river that’s made out of  type of paper and real mini trees. It also has wire underneath to steady it.

Here is the second project that I chose.

This keyboard was made by Bronte, Lexie and Lottie. I think that they have pulled it apart and then tried to put it back on again because some of the keys are missing from it. I also liked how they set it up, they put a big board with all of the information behind the actual project so it stands out a lot. I’m very fond of the squishy parts under the keys. Taking the keys out of a keyboard and putting them back in the exact same spot with the same angle that it was before would be really hard because you need to push them back in at the correct angle in the correct space. Underneath the keys are these metal parts that have to be fitted into the key in the correct order.

Here is the third and last project that I chose.

I’m not entirely sure about what this project is meant to be. I think that its meant to be a magnify glass. I think that Emma made it. How she made it really interests me because I’m not really sure how she made it. It looks a bit like a microscope. There’s a torch taped onto the bottom of it along with what looks like a label and these other metal tongs. It really magnifies things if you put something underneath it.