Draw String Bag


I was super excited when Mrs Watson told us that we were making draw string bags. She gave us each a rectangular piece of fabric that would be the bag. In order to make it we had to map out a plan, you cant make something without a plan. We had to fold our fabric in half and along the top and bottom. Then we would go around it with the zig-zag stich to stop it from fraying. If you had a salvage you didn’t have to do that, a salvage is when you have a piece of fabric which has been cut from the perimeter of the whole fabric. After you had done that we had to iron it so it wasn’t crumpled.Β I learned to never keep the iron facing down or it can catch on fire. Like on the Β plan we folded the top and bottom of our fabric and did the straight stich on it, we then had to iron it again before putting another line of straight stich 1 cm above it. You then fold it in half and do the straight or zig-zag stich around the sides but not where the top is or you wont be able to open it up. After you have done that you send in string of wool that has been braided that is about up to an average persons chest. (you need 2 of them) Then you send them through at the top where your gaps were. It’s easier if you send it through with a paintbrush. After trying to see if your bag works you are finished, and you will have your very own hand-made draw string bag.