In Microworlds this term we have been exploring the wonders of Microworlds. We have been looking at regular shapes. I will beย informingย youย on regular trapeziums.

A trapezium is a parallelogram which means it has 4 sides. It is also is a regular trapezium which means it is symmetrical. It can only be folded one way and that is down the middle. This is aย copy of the program and my end result. When we were making the trapezium we ha to measure the external angle, not the internal. And for that we had had to turn using the turtles head, not its bottom. I had trouble doing that because I kept on measuring the internal angle. the external is the outside angle and the internal is the inside angle.

1 lt 90

2 fd 100

3 rt 125

4 fd 100

5 rt 55

6 fd 100

7 rt 125

8 fd 120


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