Simple Machines

For the last couple of weeks in design 5A have been working in simple machines. Now first things first, let me tell you what a simple machine is. A simple machine is a basically a simple machine or tool like a screw, lever, inclined plane, wedge, wheel and axle and a pulley. Those are the common simple machines. Now let me tell you what we have been doing. Lena and I ( Lena is my partner) first had to build six simple machines, they were the ones that I mentioned earlier. When we had done that we had to do a page on it about what each simple machine is called and what its purpose is. We had to do that in our design book. Finally after that we got to make something off our choice which had to have a simple machine in it. In the end we decided to build an elevator. It took a lot of planning and a lot of things. We first thought off building a carousel but afterwards we thought off building the elevator because the carousel looked too complicated and it needed heaps of stuff. We still have a little bit left to go because we spent most off the lesson doing the simple machines investigation rather than doing the actual project. The things that we used to make the elevator are a little bit like Lego but their not, their like a smaller version of Lego. Lets see next time how we get along with building our elevator.


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