Week 1 of Robotics

Today in period 5 after lunch we found out what we were going to do for Design this term. for 2-3 weeks on every Tuesday afternoon we are going to be focusing on robotics and each pair got a brick, my one was number 2. Our project was to build a robot, in pairs. I chose to work with Lena. Then we got a instruction sheet to build the robot. There was a heap instructions and even if you got a single thing wrong you had to start again.We started of great but when we got to the 7th step we realised that we had done something wrong in step 2. We had to start again out of scratch. By the time we had to pack up we had only got up to step 3 which I was not happy with because by the look of it we would be a little bit late on starting the programing. Even though it wasn’t the best start to a project it doesn’t really matter because I am confident that we will finish it on time.

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