Conclusion Post on Robots

This is the final post I will be doing on robots. The robot looks really complicated and hard but when you go through the instructions and understand, it doesn’t seem that hard. Making this robot has made me feel excited, frustrated, puzzled and more. I have felt frustrated because sometimes you make a mistake at the start and you don’t know it, then at the end something wont fit because you did something wrong so you have to start again. I have felt puzzled because in the instruction booklet it says to put a thing on one side and on the next instruction the thing is on the other side. I have enjoyed this experience that we had because it taught us a lot of things like how motors work, what to do when something goes wrong and how to make a very complicated looking robot. As well as making the robot we also had to do a very detailed drawing which included labelling the parts and explaining what we now know about the robot in words as well as pictures. Thank you for reading my final post on my robot.


Week 2 of Robotics

Remember how I said that I was really confident, well I was right because Lena and I actually finished the robot. Even though it took a long time we did it. Now let me tell you what happened, we basically only got 2 actual lessons to make the robot, because we sought of had to build it at homeroom and lunchtimes. Sometimes the instructions were a little bit confusing because it said to make something and then on the other page the position of the thing would be different. Now back to the recount, there were some parts that seemed impossible to find sometimes like there was this silver ball that a lot of people couldn’t find. But thankfully Lena found just in time because we were really behind. I would give building a robot 9/10 because it can be really challenging sometimes but it is still fun. After we actually build the robot we moved onto programing it, but we didn’t actually program anything because we did something wrong while we were building it and so it wont work at all. Lets hope that next weeks update will brighten our robot up.

Week 1 of Robotics

Today in period 5 after lunch we found out what we were going to do for Design this term. for 2-3 weeks on every Tuesday afternoon we are going to be focusing on robotics and each pair got a brick, my one was number 2. Our project was to build a robot, in pairs. I chose to work with Lena. Then we got a instruction sheet to build the robot. There was a heap instructions and even if you got a single thing wrong you had to start again.We started of great but when we got to the 7th step we realised that we had done something wrong in step 2. We had to start again out of scratch. By the time we had to pack up we had only got up to step 3 which I was not happy with because by the look of it we would be a little bit late on starting the programing. Even though it wasn’t the best start to a project it doesn’t really matter because I am confident that we will finish it on time.