How can I help life on earth?

I have a goal that I want to achieve, and here it is. My goal is to not waste food and water. Did you know that some countries are not as privileged as we are to have clean food and water every day? Some countries such as Asia, Africa and a lot more don’t get to go to the supermarket when ever they want to and just take it off the shelves like we do. Some children have to walk 6 hours to get their water and still the water is not clean. Instead it is sometimes brown and murky, the people still have to drink that. A lot of children die every year with no proper food or water to eat and drink. We are very lucky to have what we have.

My camp reflection

When I first arrived at camp I was, feeling very excited. I quickly sat down and listened for my cabin and heard the people I was to share it with. I got two people that I wanted in my cabin so I was very happy and to make things even better our cabin was the only one with carpet! I thought that I was going to miss my parents a lot but I did not, instead I had a good time and I got to know some people a bit better. I loved camp because it was always exciting and never boring. I liked all the activities there was the: zip line, giant swing, leap of faith, obstacle course and my favourite, archery. I went into the pool as well. Most people thought that it was so cold that they could not even put their foot in. I went in and stayed in there so that it would get warmer. Every night we had a movie night and on the last night we had  a quiz. Unfortunately, our group did not win. However, we came second, which was okay. I loved camp, it was fun and exciting!