How will we create our best tomorrow?

I used to think that balloons were harmless and I remember that on my 5th birthday my friends and I all let go of our balloons into the night and watched them float away. Now I know that balloons are bad for the ocean as they might end up in a turtle’s stomach.

I used to think that after I put rubbish in the bin it would go away, but now I know that rubbish does go away, but it goes into the ground and some rubbish takes 500 years or more to break down.

I used to think that food would just appear out of the doors and then onto the shelves, but now I know that some food travels along way to appear on the shelves.

I used to think that small animals such as slaters were just annoying creepy crawlies, but now I know that they are one of the most important animals on the planet.

I used to think that plastic was a good and useful thing, but now I know that plastic is taking over the planet and if we don’t do something about it we will be living on top of a pile of rubbish.

I used to think that simple animals such as cows and sheep were okay, but now I know that after my experience from the Venter’s farm that when they eat a plant they eat way down to the bottom and that kills the plant.