The impact on the Enviro garden on me

Now that I have started Enviro, many things have changed about me and the way I look at things in the garden. The excursions we have been to, has helped a lot because now I know a ton of things about the Enviro.


One of the excursions I have enjoyed yet is where we went to dog rocks. The special thing about it is that we had to go with the ELC’s. It was a good experience for me because that was the first time I have gone on an excursion with a buddie. There was a big rock and at the back of it was a dint in it that looked a bit like a dogs foot print, I think that is why people call it dog rocks. I was not here on the first excursion because I was sick. We have been to two excursions yet and I liked them both. The other one was called merraworp road. It was the best because we have to get our hands muddy!

Pot to plate

Near the end of term 2 we harvested our pot to plate, I grew lettuce so I made a salad, it was good! I liked preparing for it because it was fun. There was no school work on pot to plate day, I got help collect flowers, unfold tables and put knives, forks and spoons on the tables. The other people went inside and finished of their power point or something. However, I like to do things rather than do stuff on your computer.

Frog pond

In term 2 we built a frog pond were there was just a patch of grass so Richard (our garden helper) thought we could make a frog pond, it took a lot of work but when the working bee came, it was done in a tick. We liked the frog pond and I thought it was going to stay there forever but not for long because some people started to litter the frog pond so much that Richard said we had to move it to somewhere they could see it in the kitchen. Therefore, we dug everything out and did two mini ones near the kitchen so they can see it. However, I still think that because there are many people are here we will not see any frogs only at night.


Every Friday half a class does cooking, on Thursday they all bring a recipe. They discuss what they are going to cook, so that on Friday they cook it in period three and 4. Then on Friday when the cooks cook the food. They come out looking funny with tablecloths around there head or maybe all covered in caster sugar.


In year 4, we also have chickens and guineapigs. My favourite are the guineapigs because they are pretty and they do not peck like chickens. In term 2, we also build the guineapigs a new hutch because the one they were in was a little too small for them. We have to provide food and water for them or they will practically starve to death. We also have to do that to the chickens as well, we also give them the left overs of what we have on Friday. The chickens have a wide-open pen so they can peck and scratch free.

Fairy wrens

In the garden, we also have little birds called superb fairy wrens. The females are the grey and the males have blue tails. The dominate males are blue and black they are the prettiest because they have to impress the females to breed. They also have a big story of how they got to the enviro garden. About 9-10 years ago, the enviro people decided to bring back the blue wren’s to the garden, they planted many trees and bushes because the land was quiet bear and in the end, some blue wrens came and they brought along friends so the enviro garden brought back blue wrens



Mt Rothwell!

Yesterday we went on the best excursion yet that I have been to. It was the best because it was a night walk! It was called Mt Rothwell; we left school at 11:30 and came back at 8:30pm! It was fun because there was dingos, rock wallaby’s, spotted quolls, eastern-barred-bandicoot, rufous bettong, barn owl and a rabbit which was not very good. Around the whole land, there is this protective wire fence. The special thing about the fence is that there is electrical wires all over it. So predators like cats, foxes, dogs and rabbits cannot come. However, off course you cannot stop the owl because they can fly. Rabbits dig so they also put wire underneath the ground so that rabbits cannot come. It is also wobbly because animals like cats do not like wobbly thing so they jump off. When we got to the place, I was much exited because I was going to stay here until 7:45pm! I think my favourite subject was probably the painting of the landscape and rock climbing to see the eastern and southern rock wallaby’s. I noticed that when your less noisy you get to see more animals, especially when it is night time and all the night time animals come which were most the animals we had on our list. We mostly saw rufous bettongs, which I was happy about because I chose the rufous bettong for my project. I am surprised at how far one betting can run.



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