First thing on scratch

This term in design we are doing scratch the first thing we did was watch a tutorial about moving a sprit here is the sprit I made.

It moves its hand it wave to you. Some people may think this is creepy but really it’s not.

Race track

We watched tutorial 3 and found out how to make a race track.

The brick I found hard was if button.

That little hexagon is were you have to put the sensing tab like this.

Then you put the things you want it to do under the brick.

Retro maze

A retro maze is something you may have played on the internet here is the tutorial on how to make a retro maze.

So I did that and I made my own retro maze. Here is an example of a retro maze.

Pac man is like  a retro maze.

Here my retro maze.

Getting a account

We moved on to scratch online and we had to make account this is my name Issy_06 so look out for me on scratch!


Here is a photo from my dancing scratch.



10 block challenge

The scratch 10 block challenge is were you only have 10 block’s here is them all

This is my program.

Debug it!

Here is a video on debug it.

About Me

This is my about me project on scratch. I’m standing on the left hand side of the program. The colour ball has my 3 favourite colours red, light green and light blue. Cat I have a cat called Tatu ( it means 3 in another language.) The ballet shoes, like ballet so I put it in my about me project.


Today in design we made a band here is my band.


My trumpet made the first sound. Then the ulkaly. Then the piano. Then the drums. Then the cello (it was meant to be a bass)


Today in design we did a sprit and made it look alive.





Today year 5 had a concert there where lot of different instruments like flute,



p bone (trombone),

and allegretto ( a group of instruments who have been playing for more than the start of the year.)

I played the flute.

Here is our music.

Allegro con brio.

Then the trombone solo, then the trumpet solo, then the clarinet solo, the flute solo here it is ( it was called 3 flying flutes)

the yellow part was 5Bs the middle was 5A and the top was 5C.

Then allegretto.

Then go go allegro

We had move that only the flute did.



MicroWorlds EX robotics

Today grade 5 went on to microworld * ( the app.) We leaned lots of things I made a kite it failed but fail stands for…





Here is a picture of my failed kite.


This is the turtle it listens to your code.


This is the code. It moves your turtle remember

always put pd before you start or it won’t draw.


This is my failed kite.


Here is a video on what I did on MicroWorlds.












Lego Robotics

session 1 

Today in design we found out our lego robotics groups. My grou

p got the brick and started to make the lego part, we fond it was much harder than it looked. Sam ( a boy in our group ) ended up doing most of the work ” sorry Sam,” the rest of our group worked on photography. My laptop was flat so I couldn’t do much sorry :(.

Session 2

Today in design my group finished our robot yay here is a photo of it.


I was so happy that I did a little dance ( you would to if you had just finished a hard lego model like a tower or a bridge ) I give Sam a lot of credit because he made a lot of it here I sign here saying that.


And that was the end of the session.



Session 3, 4 & 5

In these sessions I did drawing of my ev3


challenge 1 

Today in design we had to do a challenge the challenge was to move forward with degrees, seconds and rotations. Here is a video on it working.




Hay guess what today I made my program work it was just going round in circles but today I made my program work I did seconds rotations and degrees. Here is a video on seconds, rotations and degrees.



Here is my program.

This x4.

End of challenge 1

Challenge 2

Today in design we had to do a baseball diamond here is a video of my fails.


Sadly we only had I hour to do it.

Challenge 3 

I was to busy doing challenge 2.

Challenge 4  

Today in design we had to try a new thing sensors.

We did the sensor light.

The E.L.C kids came to see our robots ( E.L.C stands for Early Learning Centre .)

We didn’t  have a little kid there wasn’t enough.

Here is a lot of fails from my robot.



Term 3 lego robotics  

Welcome to term 3! I hope you enjoy term 1 & 2 in this term I will be up to more things and I will be adding to my blog more than ever!

challenge 5

This is my robot going a long the line.

Challenge 6

On Friday we had to draw our program it was really fun.

 Challenge 7

first we had to draw what we thought our program would look like here’sC my drawing.



Also today we were given a new block the blue blocks. These blocks were to tell the robot by typing words. Then with the new block we had to make the robot go around in an oval shape this was really hard since we have never used the blue blocks 🤔

Also today we did Spiro it was so much fun! (but I’m not very good at it,)

Challenge 8

Today we made Spiro carts here is my ‘n and Eilish.

Image result for sphero robot


Image result for sphero home made carts







Rube Goldberg

Session 1

Today In design we had had to make rube Goldberg thing. I was with poppy and Leo we didn’t get much done. But we tried hard and that’s what matters. We thought that

mabe if we did it on cardboard it would be portable but then it was just to hard to find enough cardboard, so that we had to do it on a table.

End of session 1

Session 2

Today in design we had to do 5B had to do lego simple tasks like a pulley, incline and lever. My group ( Sophie and Sophie ) had to make the pulley it took us a long time to make and even some of our lunch time that we were willing to give up for this task. Here’s one of our fails. The reason for this is that the incline in witch the ball was balancing on was not long enough for the brick to hit. My group was very frustrated but we keep on trying.

Session 3

Next 5b did k-nexs heres a movie on what we did.

We were trying to make a balance weight this is a simple machine because of the thing that makes it a moving object. We had a lot of bits and pieces it was very easy doing it surprisingly ( I thought it would be harder)  it was a lot of fun and I loved it.

Session 4

Today in design 5b made pulleys here is a photo of a pulley.


What is a pulley?

A pulley is a machine that someone or something pull on to make another ting go up or down.


Sophie and I made a single pulley first and then we got some marbles and put them in the cup we then hung up the pulley we played a game were I was the pulley and Sophie was the people she said the floors and I pulled the marbles up to the level. ( that was not the best youse of time. )

Session 5

Today we finished off our k-nexs weight and Matees who was away that day came to our group here’s our finished product.

We tried to get Ester and Matees to to the weight but it didn’t work very well.

end of session 5.

Session 6

Today in design we planed our rube goldberd machines with our groups (Sophie and jack)   Here’s a video on what we did.


RGB designing-zvtdvm


Our simple machines are a funnel, lever and  inclined plane (ramp)


Session 7 

Today in design showed our design to a teacher and he said that a funnel is not a simple machine so instead we made a pulley.

Other wise we didn’t do much  just designing  and designing  and even more designing.

Session 8

Today we started building here is a video on what we did.

We made all the simple machines  in that day are aim was for it to hit a button but now for the button to be able to be hit.

Session 8

Today in design my group worked towards finishing our Rube Goldberg machine here is a photo of our machine.

Session 9

Here is a video on what we did today.

end of session 9.

Session 10

Here is our fails and try’s.

We decided to make this a coopetition if you get it in the tubes you get a bit of paper saying what you’ve done and how well you did it.

End of session 10.

Session 11

Here is the final certificates.



Thank you to Sophie for making these amazing certificates. Today we did our designs again here is a photo of it.


End of session 11.

Session 12.

Today in design we made a video all about our Rube Goldberg I hope you like the video.


Session 13

Expo day. Today is a robotics day but we have our rube Goldberg expo you can come a long too!


Tomorrow our rube Goldberg machine be packed up for ever!





The Friction Test

                                        The friction test 

Do you Rember about the day the wood work man came in a we made cars well today we tested them out. What surface has less or more friction? The surface that had most friction out of our test was the oval with a distance of 3 metres and 95 cm. The surface that had the lest friction was flexi pare with a distance of over 12 metres. We changed the surface on wich the car would run on. We would keep the same the wheels, the car and the weight. We found out that bumpy surfaces have more friction.

Test 1 Oval

Distance: 3 metres and 95 cm

Test 2 Long jump

Distance: over 7 metres 14 cm

Test 3 Quad

Distance: 3 metres 53 cm

Test 4 flexi pare

Distance: over 12 metres.