Scratch Build a Band

This week we had to build a band there were lots of different ways to do It. I learned that there is a lot of good songs to choose from and making a decision is hard. It was very fun and exiting watching and listening to other peoples programs.             […]

Robotics Term 3

Today we had to make a program that made our robot follow a straight black line. You couldn’t make something happen at the same time so you had top use a switch block. The switch block makes it do something at the same time for example if it sees white turn left and if it […]


Today we went on scratch is an app that you program what you make and make it do something. For example: You can something dance in scratch. But I made a race car game. This is a screencast of what I learnt new and what my game is. Presentatin scrstch-2a75dvq

Rube Goldberg Challenge

Today we were put in groups of three. What we had to do was make a rube Goldberg machine to make a piece of paper fall into a bin. It was really challenging because you only had one day o try and make a rube Goldberg machine work. My group actually got it to work […]

Microworlds Quadrilateral

Today was our first day doing micro worlds. Because some of us were new to microworlds we started of with the easy stuff like quadrilaterals. I made a rectangle first. Then I did a trapezium. It was very fun and it was a little hard. I learnt that it was hard getting the right amount of […]


Today we had to make our initials in Microworlds. Microworlds is an app that you program a turtle to make different shapes. I had to do K L obviously because my name is Keiran Lane. The K was hard. Because it had all different angles that you had to get right. You also had to […]

Rube Goldberg Machine

Session 1 Today we started to choose and design our Rube Goldberg machine. My group was going to try to turn on a phone with a marble falling on the button. But I didn’t finish my design the first day. Session 2 It was mostly the same thing but there was a problem. My group […]


Today in math my partner and i had to make kites out of paper, two each that we then shared. What we had to do was to find out how many degrees they were and prove it.  My partner and I explained our ones In three different videos. First we proved that the angle that looked like a right […]

Robotics Programs

Today we had to program our EV3. What we had to do was mess around with some of the things you can do in Lego Mindstorm, which is the app we use to program our robots. The problem with my program was we had the letters on the program and the letters on the outputs on […]