First Lego League

The First Lego League is an optional group that competes against other schools by programming there robots to do certain challenges. There is a game mat with lot’s of challenges. This is the game board.           There are about 10 challenges not including the bonuses. At the start we did different […]


          For my prediction I predicted that 5 out of ten spins would land on white because there are equal amounts of colour and white so there is an equal chance to get them both. This is a fair spinner that has the same chance of landing on both colours. There […]


This week we had to build a band there were lots of different ways to do It. I learned that there is a lot of good songs to choose from and making a decision is hard. It was very fun and exiting watching and listening to other peoples programs.             […]

Robotics Term 3

Today we had to make a program that made our robot follow a straight black line. You couldn’t make something happen at the same time so you had top use a switch block. The switch block makes it do something at the same time for example if it sees white turn left and if it […]

Rube Goldberg Challenge

Today we were put in groups of three. What we had to do was make a rube Goldberg machine to make a piece of paper fall into a bin. It was really challenging because you only had one day o try and make a rube Goldberg machine work. My group actually got it to work […]

Microworlds Quadrilateral

Today was our first day doing micro worlds. Because some of us were new to microworlds we started of with the easy stuff like quadrilaterals. I made a rectangle first. Then I did a trapezium. It was very fun and it was a little hard. I learnt that it was hard getting the right amount of […]


Today we had to make our initials in Microworlds. Microworlds is an app that you program a turtle to make different shapes. I had to do K L obviously because my name is Keiran Lane. The K was hard. Because it had all different angles that you had to get right. You also had to […]