Pakistan Comparison Post

Last lesson we got a challenge to make a two page spread about a country of our choice. I chose Pakistan.

Here are some differences:

  1. Pakistan eats really spicy food.
  2. Pakistan is a Muslim country and follows Islamic laws.
  3. People in Pakistan does not make eye contact to the elderly.

Here are some similarities:

  1. Australia and Pakistan has white colours in their flag.
  2. Australia and Pakistan has the same national sport called Cricket.
  3. Both countries where casual clothes.

If I lived in this culture, what would I find interesting and what would I find challenging?

Whats challenging:

  1. The Joint family system is challenging  because in many families brothers, sisters and parents even after marriage they live in the same house and share the things and responsibilities that sometimes create conflict of interest.
  2.  Pakistan is a over populated country. The population of Pakistan of 2018 is 79,279,647 people in the country.
  3. To reduced pollution is a big challenge for Pakistan.

Whats interesting:

  1. There are five states in Pakistan and each state their own  language but the national language is Urdu.
  2.  In Pakistan there is the second highest mountain in the world called K2 mountain.
  3.  In every states of Pakistan they all have a interesting culture of food.


77.0% of people in Pakistan are Sunni Muslim, 20.0% Shia Muslim and 3.0% are Christian, Hindu and others. Now lets see Australia’s religion below on a pie chart.

Country Flag:

Pakistan Leader Flag:



Building Views Reflection

The activity is about how does the building looks like in different views you can see and than you draw them in your book. I did not find much strategies but I found that you can keep adding blocks behind something that is even and no one can recognise that there is a block behind that block. The most challenging part I discovered for me is that what number should I write in the variables section and what does it mean? I learnt that different views of things can change easily, its just that you have to look carefully at the building.

Passion Project Update Post 1

Hello, Today I am going to tell you what have I been doing with my project. I did not build my Solar System Module but I have been writing about different planets in the Solar System. I am going in order so my first planet I wrote about is Mercury, Venus and Earth. The plan is that I will make a poster about these planets and then I will make the module of our Solar System.

The Lost Princess D.C

Today in class we watched a short film about The Lost Princess.  This film is about Digital Citizenship and how we should keep a balance in our life. The main themes are that how you should never leave your passwords where someone could find it and don’t get addicted to technology as a kid before its too late.

This is Kieren. Kieren is addicted to gaming and never gets off his console. Eventually Kieren becomes a teenager and asks his dad that he wants help. So Kieren and his dad went to a doctor too help Kieren with his addiction of technology. The moral of this story is that when your addicted to technology and you use it for hours and hours, your just wasting your lifetime playing games or using Social Media apps and not doing physical activities or playing with friends. Use technology wisely and have breaks.



Passion Project Description Post

Hello, today I am going to tell you whats my Passion Project. Last semester my project was an Arduino wall dodging robot but this time its going to be very different. I am going to make a module of the Solar System in space. I really want to make it so I can learn different  planets and how our world works. I never did a project like this so I am really excited making my own module. I am also going to write information about the planets and my favourite is the black hole. I hope this project goes really well.

D.C Cartoons

Hello, today we are working on Digital Citizenship Cartoons. D.C Cartoons is a funny cartoon picture telling you about something bad about technology.

I am going to show you some D.C cartoons.

Pretty funny and pictures hey but the most important message is whats happening. I am going to explain about the soccer picture. A boy has a ball and everyone is on their phones.

I think we should have a balance in life and have a smile on your face.


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