D.C Cartoons

Hello, today we are working on Digital Citizenship Cartoons. D.C Cartoons is a funny cartoon picture telling you about something bad about technology.

I am going to show you some D.C cartoons.

Pretty funny and pictures hey but the most important message is whats happening. I am going to explain about the soccer picture. A boy has a ball and everyone is on their phones.

I think we should have a balance in life and have a smile on your face.


Win at the fair

Task 1: Hello, for task one we were playing the losing game board  and then we collected all the data. Here is the picture of the data.

I am also going to show you the losing game board.


The losing game board has more jackpots so the player can win easily.

I am going to show you two game boards I played and the results.

I liked both of my game boards because I took away some jackpots and made the game harder so I have to pay less. I think its fair because it will be challenging for the players and I have to pay less.



Digital Etiquette

What are trolls? Trolls is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting quarrels or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional.

What is anonymous?

Anonymous means that you are hidden and no one knows you.

What does flame wars mean?

Flame wars are people arguing online and saying words they are not suppose to say to people.

What does netiquette mean?

Netiquette means the correct or acceptable way of using the Internet.

How to communicate clearly online?

  1. Use emojis when you are going to be sarcastic or make a joke.

2. If a flame war is starting close your device and watch TV or play outside.

3. If someone is asking you to tell them your personal information online tell your parents or if they are not their just say no and quit the chat and leave.

Once your message is out it can never get deleted so think before you post.

What does permission mean?

Permission means that you are allowed to do it or you are not.

Thanks for reading!



Digital Citizenship

Hello, today I am going to tell you the meaning of this acronym.

T=Is it true? Before you post think is it true because you will lose your trust.

H=Is it helpful? Before you post think will it help anyone with troubles or will it do the opposite.

I=Is it inspiring? Before you post think will it inspire anyone with something they would not know.

N=Is it necessary? Is it going to be necessary because if not people will just get bored.

K= Is it kind? If its not kind you can go into a flame-war with someone so its important to be kind.


Passion Project Checkpoint 2#update


I am changing my passion project from a electric mini car to a Wall Dodging Robot. I have done some research and made a final decision to build a Wall Dodging Robot. I am going to program my robot with Arduino. I am learning Arduino programming, it will help me to program the Wall Dodging Robot. The robot will explore its surroundings, it will move forward until it comes across an obstacle, it will then turn around left or right, and continue where in obstacle free path.

Here is a picture of the parts I am going to use to build the Wall Dodging Robot.


Birke Baehr TED Talk

  1. Birke Baehr’s main message is that stop eating processed food and go organic.
  2. Birke got his message around the audience by using funny jokes like fish-tomato and he told how meat last long and what they put in our food.
  3. Birke technical support was that he used was a head mic and graphic images.
  4.  Birke presentation techniques he used was lots of hand gestures.

Richard Turere

  1. Richard Turere main message is how to stop an animal killing an animal without violence so he made an invention.
  2. Richard used graphic images and humour to get his message around the audience.
  3. Richard technical support was that he used a head mic, powerful images
  4. Richard presentation Techniques he used was that the images was showing things that was not boring he showed the audience images of dead animals and warriors killing the lion. He had bad English but he tried.

Thomas Suarez TED Talk

  1. Thomas Suarez main message is that lots of kids plays games. Kids now want to make games so he is telling them the basics of app developing and programming languages.
  2. Thomas got his messages across to people by telling them what he experienced of making apps. This experience made people interested in app developing. He told them about basic programming and amazing things that people did not heard before.
  3. Thomas technical support was encouragement by his friends, teachers, family, app developers and his parents. He may have watched a few things on making games.
  4. The presentation technicians Thomas used is that he did not look at his tablet every five seconds. He made jokes because jokes makes the audience laugh and suddenly they listen and concentrate what you are saying because no one can handle a presentation with no jokes or laughter that is just boring.


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