Richard Turere

I think that the main messages are that there are different types of animals such as cows, that are being killed from other animals like lions, so Richard has tried to come up with a way that the cows can be safe from the lions. He used some lights that he made to scare off the lions and this worked he had some people ask him if they can have some lights so he helped them and his community.

He got these messages across the audience by having the images in the background so they had a better idea of what he was talking about. The microphone helped getting his messages across to the audience because his voice was clearer and louder. 


The technical support he used was the microphone he had to make his voice louder and clearer, Richard had his slideshow on the big screen to show his pictures.


The presentation skills he used was when he said a joke he laughed so that he was encouraging the audience to laugh with him. he also was moving around his arms and hands (gestures) to express the way he felt about this topic.


Thomas Suarez-TED Talks

The main messages was that anyone can create an app using a certain kit. That you can make what ever app you want.

He got the messages to the audience by talking in a way that the audience would understand and he had a few jokes to keep the audience hooked into what he was saying and he had good eye contact with everyone.

The technical support he used was the big screen behind him and his I-pad that had a few notes to remember what he was talking about. The other thing he used was the small button in his hand that he used to change the slides that were on the big screen behind him.

His presentation techniques were the big screen that was used to show everyone his slideshow, there was also a microphone that he used to be able to project his voice better so everyone could hear and so he wasn’t yelling, he had lights on him when he was on stage so he could be seen clearly by everyone.