P A S S I O N   P R O J E C T

For this term I am making a book of all the things I entered in 2018 Royal Geelong Show.

This included:


Floral Art

Decorated Cakes




The task was to do a double page spread on a country you could pick so I picked Andorra this country is on the border line of France and Spain.

Some differences are:

  • We don’t have yellow in our flag.
  • There traditional food is different to ours.

Some similarities are:

  • We have blue on our flag so do they.
  • We have red on our flag so do they.
  • Both countries speak English.

The things that would be challenging living there are?

  • I feel like I wouldn’t like their food.
  • They speak so many different languages. The main ones are Spanish, French and Portuguese.

The things I would find most interesting are?

  • That they are very religious people.
  • Different celebrations.


So far I have raised some money by selling alpaca manure for $2 a bag at my local fruit shop. That has already made $36 which is 18 bags so far. The money goes into a tin which I made. I have had some generous people who have donated extra coins as tips which is really thoughtful. I have $14.85 worth of donations. So this money is going towards buying the supplies for the contents of Samaritans Purse Operation Christmas Child Shoe box Appeal.

The Lost Princess

The problem that they all had was that they didn’t know the true identities of others on social media

The boy (Keiran) got addicted to gaming all day and night which made him loose all his friends. The young girl “Lost Princess” was talking to “white knight” who was not who he said he was. Instead he was an adult who was talking to an 11yr old girl.

The boy admitted he had a gaming problem, lost princess learnt not to talk to strangers, Lucy learnt not to have your password that someone could hack or steal from you and to keep it in your mind to remember, Charlotte learnt not to give any information away to other people you have never met.

I think the things that they could have done differently are not to trust anyone with personal information and passwords. As well as not to use technology all the time because you could end up having an issue and not being able to stop it.

The things I take away from the story are not to share passwords, addresses your age and to know when to stop, relax and take a break.


I intend to create a Samaritans purse operation Christmas child shoe box to give to some kids my age and younger who live in places that are less fortunate. Filling the shoe box with toys and games.

I am going to make a poster showing facts about what the project is and the actual shoe box I will take photos/videos of the shoe box.

This age group is for children 2-14 yrs that live in 3rd world countries who almost never get presents.

I am looking forward to helping people that are less fortunate then I am and I think that this could help some many young children from around the WORLD!!


I have achieved everything that I set out to do.

The challenges I have faced were when I forgot to use headphones so the sound didn’t work so I foxed that. My successes were the film footage and the editing.

I over come my challenges by remembering what we did from the clinics at the start of the year which diffidently helped.

I would try to talk louder and I would not film in the wind.






In RRR we started talking about digital citizenship and we had to do an acronym and here is an example


I completed filming all of the scenes for my alpaca video and I am up to editing. Well I am going to edit in adobe premiere which I’m still learning all of the buttons and how to make a good film. When I was videoing I forgot I needed headphones so the sound wouldn’t go through but I fixed it by brining the headphones. The next step is to start editing to finish it off and then it should be done.



What do you intend to create? What technologies are you planning to use / learn about? Who is your project targeted at? What are you looking forward to? 

I am going to create a short movie on how to handle an alpaca and learning about them.

I’m hoping to be able to use a point and shoot camera, and video my alpacas and then use my laptop and go on Adobe Premiere to do my editing and I might do voice overs.

My project is targeted from the age of 8+

I am looking forward to being able to start the project I am excited for everything.