Little bits

In little bits we have started to make the bass/program of the guitar that we are making. We need to get some cardboard to make the guitar and put this on top of it to then play music from a guitar. We have the tutorials on my laptop using a USB cord thing to plug into my laptop to show us how to make it and how it works.


This is what we have done so far in tinkering.

What we are planning of doing is getting a piece of wood with our first letters of our names on it and we are putting different buttons and stuff on to make it play music when you touch a certain button or cord. We are still gluing our things on. We are going to put LED lights on all of the letters in different colours.

This is when we pulled apart the vacuum pieces.





I think that the spinner will land on the white 6/10 times.

Design Your Own:

Spin 40 times 3 attempts. These are my results.

Attempt 1

Attempt 2

Attempt 3


Colour     Mathematical probability     Prediction

Dark green                   1/3                         22

Light green                  1/8                          8

Dark Purple                1/16                         2

Purple                           1/8                         12

Light Purple                1/6                          8

Spin 400 times 3 attempts.

Colour   Mathematical probability     Prediction

Dark green                   1/3                          200

Light green                  1/8                          34

Dark Purple                1/16                         20

Purple                           1/8                         100

Light Purple                1/6                          46

Attempt 1

Attempt 2

Attempt 3



10 block challenge:

In the 10 block challenge we had to make a sprite do something using only ten specific blocks

Here is the scan of the ten block challenge paper and the reflection sheet:



De Bug it:

In debug it we had to search up on scratch De bug it when we did that there was a few different problems that we had to solve. Here are some of the ones I solved:

This is the before one. number 2

this is the after one.
number 2

this is the before one
number 3

this is the after one
number 3

About Me:

I have made my sprite start off by saying hi click the space bar to… and when you click the space bar a s block shows up for 1 second and then o, p, h, i, e, they all wait 1 second before changing to the next block. This spells out my name. Here are the snips I took of what I did:


Parallel Sprites:

Today we learned what parallel sprites mean and do. Parallel sprites are one a sprite can do 2 things at once. There can be more then one sprite when you do it.

Build A Band:

It’s Alive:

In It’s Alive I have only just started this program. What I have done so far is get a ladybug and fill in the colours. What I am planning of doing is making three ladybugs do a zig zag across the screen. Today I changed my mind of what I am doing what I changed was making the ladybugs spin around in a circle instead of making it do a zig zag across the screen.

       Before:                                                         After:                     


De bug it 2:

Today I completed debug it 2 it is really the same as debug it 1 the thing that is different between these are that there just different problems.


In characters I have made a cat and a dog tell a story about you can be what ever you want to be if you believe and try your best. Here is pictures of my scripts.

Cats scripts:

Dog scripts:




Black line:

We also tried to do the oval there were also the curved lines and more. The reason why we started next to the black line was because we got asked “instead of starting on the black line what happens if you start next to the black line”. The way the robot follows the line is sometimes really smooth but it can be rough. We are turning when the robot sees the black line because then the robot finds the black line and then stays on it hopefully.



Curved lines:

Today I started the curved lines these are some videos and photos of what I have done so far:  (they take a while to load)

These are all fails.

Here is the program for the oval


This is also my oval except I have named the parts, purposes and complexities