Fay’s Nine Reflection

Fay’s Nines is using the number 1-9 in vertical addition problem. It has to add up too 999. It has 3 columns of the number 1-9. There are lots of different ways to make 999 using all the numbers 1-9 only once.

When we first started this I thought it would be much easier to find number that added up to 9, but I found out that it is a lot harder. Once I found a bit of a pattern to get some answers it started to get a lot easier. I found that you cant keep making 9 out of all the numbers so what I did was make 19 for the first column then make the next on 18 because you carry the 1 then the next column you make 8 because you carry the 1 again.

I found on the end column had to add to 19 then the next 18 because you carry the 1 then the last column add to 8 because you carry the 1 from the 18. After I did that I found that I can use 10 factors. For example

1 1

5 4 3

1 8 7

2 6 7

9 9 9

You carry the one from the 19 then you also carry the one from the 18.


How I first broke up this problem was that I tried to find at least 1 solution too work off that, once I found a couple if solutions I used them and I tired to see if I can find any patterns. Once I found a small pattern I tried to find all the 180 solutions.

I didn’t find all the solutions I didn’t find heaps but I realised I could change the number around a fair bit so I mixed the number around. I found a couple of patterns and a fair few solutions. If I had another session I would try to find a way to find all the solutions.


Because at the start I didn’t realise you need to carry the numbers. It also took me a little while to find a pattern and I didn’t end up finding a rule.



Passion Project #3

For my passion project this term I did a film about my trip at the start of the term too Europe. I have finished the film, I edited and added music. The challenges I faced doing this passion project was probably trying to import all the films because some of them wouldn’t show up. In the end I figured it out. Some of the other challenges I faced were when I looked back on all the films in one of the places I hardly filmed anything so I had to use photos a bit. The quality of the films aren’t great because I did them when I was walking.


Here’s a photo I took in Antibes.

Country Investigation

In RVE we did a country investigation on a country that isn’t Australia. We had to find out the flag, Social Behaviours, Religion and Customs.

Differences between Australia and France.

  • The food – Snails and more.
  • The language.
  • There’s more famous tourist attractions such as – Eiffel Tower, Louvre and lots of famous paintings and history.
  • The time is about 8 hours different.
  • Its on the other side of the world.

Similarities between Australia and France.

  • Some people speak English.
  • The fashion is quite the same.
  • The shops are the same.
  • They play the same sports.

Living there would be…..

Fun because the French food and the amazing sights from my window. It would be hard because understanding some things would be difficult and when I first get there the time might take some getting used too and it would be hard contact people from Australia because of the time.

Passion Project update

For my passion project I am making a video about my trip. I have nearly finished it, I have added music and put all the words in. But when I was importing it I forgot to add some videos. I will soon get them onto my computer. Apart from that I have pretty much finished.

The Lost Princess

The film was about 4 different stories and problems that has happened to people online. Lucy got bullied and they hacked her account. Charlotte got a friend request from someone random and started texting them until she realized it was wrong but they would text her non stop. Keiran got addicted to his game then years later he realized he needed help. And the lost princess met this guy online who was called White Night, she faked her age and said that she hated her mum. The white night got her tickets to a concert and she went then realized that the white night wasn’t who she though he was .


The problem with the Lost Princess was that she started talking to this guy called White Night. She told him everything about herself She said she was 13 when she was only 11. He said to meet her at a concert that she has been wanting to go to and when she went she couldn’t find him. Until she realized that he wasn’t 13 he was actually 40 and she went home and told her mum.


She would spend to much time on the phone and trusted someone that she actually doesn’t know.


She ended up telling her mum and blocked him and didn’t contact him ever again.


She shouldn’t have trusted someone random and made themselves as someone there not just so they will think she’ cool and popular. Making it them but not there private information and telling her mum that she got invited somewhere with a stranger.


That you can’t trust someone that you don’t know because they aren’t always who you think they are.

Passion Project #1

For term 3 passion project I am going to make a film about the trip I went on. I went to Paris, Rome and other places around France. It will show all the experiences I went on and al the adventure I had. When I was there I filmed some videos for it. I will add some videos too.  I used my phone to film then I will get them onto my laptop and edit on there. I’m looking forward to seeing the end result, remembering all the things I did there.  I will add music and subtitles to show either what I’m doing or where I am.

Passion Project Reflection

My passion project has gone really well. I found some old videos from back in 2014 with me saying ‘Hi my name is grace and I will be showing you some gymnastics’ then it goes to 2016 with me doing some flips. Then it goes into 2017 and showing some more things. Then into 2018 which is all the things I filmed this year and somethings I filmed last weekend because I needed to get some more things in there. I added some music to make it more upbeat and fun. I did think it would just be a video but it changed to more of a progression video and some memories. The challenge’s and successes I faced were that I needed to film but the weather has been really bad. Trying to find videos from back when I was little. The successes I faced were when I needed to film I had everything organized and it turned out to be easy. The time that I couldn’t film I was finding old videos and some music that would go with it. Because I knew I couldn’t film what I wanted in the rain. I would make it longer and maybe add some fails.


Here’s the starting video of my passion project. This was in 2014




Win at the fair


This was our first game board we needed to try. We had to roll 2 dice and whatever the numbers added up too is the place you move too, because down the bottom are some numbers pointing to left, right or straight and whatever number you landed on is the way you move. Once you roll a couple of times you’ll soon land on a WIN then some money. That’s how much you win. We tried this and the people that ran it ended up loosing a fair bit of money. These are the results



We had to now make our own game board using the same one. We could change the amount of prices and the direction of the number. We had to trail our boards on Maths300 and trail them 1000 times. Each roll costed $1 each. We hoped to at least make $300 out of it. \


We also had a creative board which is we have the same net but we could put the winning prices anywhere on the board. We trailed ours 10 times and I won $5.40 being the person who ran the game. This is my board



For my official board I made 2 go left, 12 go right and 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 go straight up. Because there was $50 on the first bubble and $75 on the second. as you keep going up it gets lower and its hard to roll a 2 or a 12 because theres only 1 way to roll it and its very unlikely to roll 3 2s in a row or 3 12s in a row. I trailed my one on Maths300 4 times and these were my results


The first time I was successful and I won $795.90. I rolled 0 $50, 0 $75, 0 $1, 0 80c, 17 50c and 973 20c.


For my second time I was successful again. I won $718.90. I rolled 0 $50, 1 $75, 0 $1, o 80c, 21 50c and 978 20c



for my third trailed I got the same scores as the first time.



For my final one I was successful once again. I won $795.40. I rolled, 0 $50, 0 $75, 0 $1, 1 80c, 16 50c and 983 20c.


My official board was pretty successful and I won a lot of money.

Digital Etiquette


Netiquette is being etiquette online. So you treat everyone how you would treat them in real life.


Flaming wars means starting a fight online. Instead of saying what you think you say it in a mean way and start a fight.


A troll is online bullying someone or putting them down.


It means fake being someone so you don’t sue your name so that nobody knows you.

Communicating clearly

1 Using abbreviations

2 Using emojis

3 Using cap locks for every word.


Asking someone for permission before posting something of or about them.

‘once your message is out its out.

No matter if you delete the post someone could of saved it so its still out there.