Passion Project Reflection

My passion project has gone really well. I found some old videos from back in 2014 with me saying ‘Hi my name is grace and I will be showing you some gymnastics’ then it goes to 2016 with me doing some flips. Then it goes into 2017 and showing some more things. Then into 2018 which is all the things I filmed this year and somethings I filmed last weekend because I needed to get some more things in there. I added some music to make it more upbeat and fun. I did think it would just be a video but it changed to more of a progression video and some memories. The challenge’s and successes I faced were that I needed to film but the weather has been really bad. Trying to find videos from back when I was little. The successes I faced were when I needed to film I had everything organized and it turned out to be easy. The time that I couldn’t film I was finding old videos and some music that would go with it. Because I knew I couldn’t film what I wanted in the rain. I would make it longer and maybe add some fails.


Here’s the starting video of my passion project. This was in 2014




Win at the fair


This was our first game board we needed to try. We had to roll 2 dice and whatever the numbers added up too is the place you move too, because down the bottom are some numbers pointing to left, right or straight and whatever number you landed on is the way you move. Once you roll a couple of times you’ll soon land on a WIN then some money. That’s how much you win. We tried this and the people that ran it ended up loosing a fair bit of money. These are the results



We had to now make our own game board using the same one. We could change the amount of prices and the direction of the number. We had to trail our boards on Maths300 and trail them 1000 times. Each roll costed $1 each. We hoped to at least make $300 out of it. \


We also had a creative board which is we have the same net but we could put the winning prices anywhere on the board. We trailed ours 10 times and I won $5.40 being the person who ran the game. This is my board



For my official board I made 2 go left, 12 go right and 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 go straight up. Because there was $50 on the first bubble and $75 on the second. as you keep going up it gets lower and its hard to roll a 2 or a 12 because theres only 1 way to roll it and its very unlikely to roll 3 2s in a row or 3 12s in a row. I trailed my one on Maths300 4 times and these were my results


The first time I was successful and I won $795.90. I rolled 0 $50, 0 $75, 0 $1, 0 80c, 17 50c and 973 20c.


For my second time I was successful again. I won $718.90. I rolled 0 $50, 1 $75, 0 $1, o 80c, 21 50c and 978 20c



for my third trailed I got the same scores as the first time.



For my final one I was successful once again. I won $795.40. I rolled, 0 $50, 0 $75, 0 $1, 1 80c, 16 50c and 983 20c.


My official board was pretty successful and I won a lot of money.

Digital Etiquette


Netiquette is being etiquette online. So you treat everyone how you would treat them in real life.


Flaming wars means starting a fight online. Instead of saying what you think you say it in a mean way and start a fight.


A troll is online bullying someone or putting them down.


It means fake being someone so you don’t sue your name so that nobody knows you.

Communicating clearly

1 Using abbreviations

2 Using emojis

3 Using cap locks for every word.


Asking someone for permission before posting something of or about them.

‘once your message is out its out.

No matter if you delete the post someone could of saved it so its still out there.

THINK Online


T – True

If its not true like for example you make a fake account it wouldn’t be true and it could get someone else in trouble or badly hurt.

H – Helpful

If its unhelpful meaning it could make things worse for someone else it wouldn’t be helpful and don’t do it

I – Inspiring

Meaning if it wouldn’t inspire someone else there’s no point on doing it because its just for the sake of doing it. or doing it for yourself no one else.

N – Necessary

Meaning it could influence someone that isn’t aloud to do that and it is unnecessary and will show a bad reflection on someone else. 

K – Kind

If its mean and will have a bad impact on someone else it isn’t kind and it won’t be very good and someone could be very hurt by it and you would get in a lot of trouble.

Passion Project

So far I haven’t done any filming but I am this weekend. I have tried to film but the lighting was really bad and so was the weather. So far a have written a plan on where I’m going to film the equipment I will use and all the things I will film. I have also gone back and looked at some other videos that I could use in it. I’ve sort of struggled with the lighting like what I said before, because it gets really dark. I’m going to film at my house, at the beach and at the park so it isn’t just at one boring place. My next step is to film all the videos the go on editing using Premier Pro or Movie Maker if Premier Pro doesn’t work. I’m going to add some cool music and so effects. I will hopefully start and finish filming by next week.

Female gymnast performing her floor exercise doing the splits in front of a large crowd — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Birke Baehr


The main messages in Birke Baehrs talk were, that no matter if your big or small health is still something you need to watch out for. That you could either pay a huge bill for the hospital or pay a little more to buy organic / healthy food and not have to go to the hospital.

The way he got those messages out to his audience were, he had a screen behind him that showed photos so they understood what he was explaining. He also used humour to make the audience laugh and engage. He told a bit of his story behind what he was saying so they understood how he got into farming and why he wants to be a farmer not an NFL player.

The technical support he used were, he had photos behind him so he used a projector onto the screens. He had a microphone so everyone could hear and understand him.

The presentation technique’s he used well were, he kept his eye line to the audience so he showed that he was focused and knew what he was talking about. He was using his hand but I think a lot, he would move his arms up an down ad point to what he was talking about. he stayed in one spot so he didn’t walk all around a show that he was distracted at all.

Richard Turere


The main messages in Richard Turere’s talk for me were, that no matter how big or how small the problem is, you just need an imagination to solve it. You can solve problems without using violence. You can make a bad problem into not a problem at all.

The way he got the messages to the audience were, he showed photos so they understand what he was explaining. He used humour not to much but enough to make the audience not too sad about the photos and story he was telling them.

The technical support he used were, behind him he had a board that projects the images onto the screen. He also used a microphone so everyone watching could hear him.

The presentation techniques he used well were, he always had his eyes to the audience so that showed that he was engaging with his audience. He walked around the stage so he didn’t just stand still in one spot. He used hand gestures to point and show where and what he was stalking about.


Thomas Suarez

From my perspective Thomas Suarez was saying that no matter what age you are you can still achieve what your goal is, and for him its to make an app. Also that you should try something out of your comfort zone. Most people like to play games not to make them.

He got the messages across by using humour and talking loudly to make it clear and understandable. It seemed like he made sure the language he used wasn’t to complicated but wasn’t so easy that little kids would understand every word, but he made the language set for a good audience.

The techinal support he used were, he used a microphone clipped onto his shirt, the screen behind him showed so images of some of the apps that he has made and the iPad that may have had dot point to remember what topics to talk about.

When he was presenting he used very good eye contact when he was speaking and he did not show a little bit of nerves. When he said something wrong it didn’t bother him he just kept on going.

This is Thomas Suarez.

And a link to the video.

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