Thomas Suarez

From my perspective Thomas Suarez was saying that no matter what age you are you can still achieve what your goal is, and for him its to make an app. Also that you should try something out of your comfort zone. Most people like to play games not to make them.

He got the messages across by using humour and talking loudly to make it clear and understandable. It seemed like he made sure the language he used wasn’t to complicated but wasn’t so easy that little kids would understand every word, but he made the language set for a good audience.

The techinal support he used were, he used a microphone clipped onto his shirt, the screen behind him showed so images of some of the apps that he has made and the iPad that may have had dot point to remember what topics to talk about.

When he was presenting he used very good eye contact when he was speaking and he did not show a little bit of nerves. When he said something wrong it didn’t bother him he just kept on going.

This is Thomas Suarez.

And a link to the video.

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Wireless Mic

Wireless Mics

The sound is really powerful. Must have headphones. Lapel mics help on windy days. Using the camera mics don’t sound as good. You’d be heard still really good when you far away (around 40m) . Tuck the lapel down the back of your shirt so you cant see it. Don’t keep it to close to your mouth otherwise it muffles and sounds really bad. Use a tripod for Wireless mics. Connect the R (receiver) to the camera

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