Zoo project blog post

This term year 6 at Geelong college have been working on a zoo film where we chose an animal out of ten choices, and researched about them, went to melbourne zoo then made a film on them. For my animal, I chose the Orangutan as a random choice, as I couldn’t decide. Then we went on and made a word doc where we recorded some facts and wrote a script about it to take to the zoo. I didn’t quite finish mine, and my printer was broken so I couldn’t print it out, so I just winged it in the end. Anyway, when we got to the zoo I was put in Mr. Henderson’s group with all the other Orangutan people and we listened to a guide who told us what to do and when to do. So we went off to the orangutans soon after, and there we got a lot of footage. I did my piece to camera there, improvising, and it turned out quite good. We went to a hut like building after that, where a zookeeper showed us a “gold coin turtle”, very rare and very expensive turtle occasionally sold on the black market for hundreds of thousands. After that we took a small tour around the zoo and took some more photos and videos, then went back home. The next day, we did our dumping, culling and converting and then started to make our first draft. A few days later, we had a session to get feedback from our draft and action it. I got a lot of three ticks, and just tweaked a few things and rendered it in the highest quality(1080p). We submitted them onto the K drive when we were done, and then made this post a few days later. So, we got some positive feedback just before we wrote this post, and here is it:

I like how you compared a orangutans to palm oil-Noah:)
I liked the music and you made the audience care for the animal-Henry
You made me really care about the animal and want to save it-reuben
i liked the piece to camera part it was very persuasive and the music really suited the film-olly

I like the footage and the music fits the mood. – Zoe

the music really suited the mood and your voice overs were very clear and had a good message – HARRO

I really liked how you compared orangutans and palm oil. Your script was really well written and you used some really good facts-Callan

I liked the message and how you compared the orangutans to palm oil. The music fitted and was very helpful in your film. -Harry Sadler

You have great information and I love the way you expressed yourself in your voiceover- Camilla

I really liked the piece to camera and how powerful the message was when you were talking, and also he facts were amazing – Barnaby

I liked your music and the P.T.C was great I also liked your voice overs because they were really clear and the footage you used was amazing. – Nick

I like how powerful the start was.-Jacob
love the video choice and the voice over is really clear and it just put s it into perspective how much we over take orangutans and how there were so much more of them and less now. don’t you think – Alex White


A lot right!! So anyway, I got the film here for you in 600×1000, and you can view it! Comment down bellow what you think of it!

That’s it for this blog post, see you in the next one!

Digi T4 Proposal

for my digi-Amaze_Us this term, I decided to do another coding one, this time on an apple programing language through my iPad. I will most likely be working with Jesse, who will be using a mac, which still uses the same code, Xcode 8.0. We will just be playing around at the start, but we will make it into a project and do something cool in the end. I will give a bit more info as we go on, but that will be it for this post, c ya in da next 1!

Digi T3 Finale!!

We have finished our T3 digi!!!!! All of us did a good job at it, and I would like to congratulate the class for it. Anyway, I presented my Digi on Wednesday, and it all went well. I think I amazed the class with it, and I was certainly happy with my end result. I did a live presentation of pixelmator, using some of the basic editing tools, like saturation and blur. I showed them my movie, which goes for about 2 1/2 minutes, so I can’t do the 1080p on the blog, I’ll do around 480p. But, overall I did good, and I did it on time!!!

So, there you go. That’s my post, and my movie is below. C ya in the next blog post!


Advertising Promo Film

Over the last few weeks the year 6’s have been working on an advertising film for a real client. We have been doing it for inquiry, and have been out for an excursion to film some stuff recently. 6A went to Torquay and SupaTramp, 6B went to the barwon river and places around there, and 6C went to Eastern Beach. For the day I was partners with Noah, but I filmed a couple people, as well as took photos. After that excursion, we had a lot of footage. Noah and I then shared our footage with the rest of the group, Isaac, Owen, Alice and Bailey G. So, we got their footage as well and then started editing our own versions. Mine wasn’t too good, as my draft 2 was the last one before my project file became corrupt }:(.

So, here  is my film, I hope you enjoy it!!!

P.S I tried to get the best quality possible, and I ended up getting it to 1600×900. So it’s quite good quality 🙂

Here’s my feedback sheet!


Sorry I couldn’t find my shot list, so I couldn’t get it in this blog post. Sorry!

RVE Country #2- Germany

Time again to do another RVE blog post, this time comparing our culture to Germany’s. Here we go!!!

First, Germans LOVE beer. I know my dad does, but I’m pretty sure the average Aussie drinks far less than the average German!!!

Like Australia, the main religion is Christianity. But, in Germany, There are about 12% more people that are non-religious

Unlike Australia, handshakes are used for everything. EVERYTHING. Friends use handshakes to greet eachother each day, and things like that.

Another unusual thing for us is that germans won’t say hello or expect you to say hello to them if you don’t know them

Germans eat a lot of meat, whereas Australia is quite balanced between meat and plant food.

So, there you go. Some differences between German culture and ours.

Digi-AU T3 Update

Soooo….. I have changed my idea quite a bit since my last post. I am doing a story now, full of edited pictures, about a man who goes on an adventure and finds dragons, dinos, and other creatures on this expedition. I will put them on my onedrive on my iPad, put them onto my laptop, and then put them together and do the voiceover in Corel or Adobe Premiere, I haven’t decided yet. I have been doing quite a bit of research, by just exploring the app. I found even more features, especially in the drawing area. There are soooooo many different textures of paint, crayon, pen etc. It’s just overkill. Overall, this has been a fun project, thanks Mr Henderson!

I don’t want to give any more detail away, because I want it to be a bit of a surprise!!!

One of my edited photos

One of my edited photos


Chile Culture

For RVE, at school recently we have been doing a project called cultures of the world. The title basically says what it is, we are choosing a country from the olympic website, researching about it’s culture, then doing a blog post about the differences in culture between us and the country. For my first country I did Chile, because one of my good friends in Melbourne is from there, and I was just feeling curious about south American culture. So here are the main differences….

The culture of all of South America is very similar, whereas Oceania has some quite different cultures around Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

In South America, there where “Huasos”, similar to cowboys who roamed around on horses. Australia had none of them.

In Chile they have traditional folk music, which varies quite a lot between the north and south. Australia doesn’t really have a traditional dance, and the only ‘traditional music’, didgerido’oers, don’t vary that much

The cuisine in  Chile is highly reflective of the spanish and italian immigrants. Australia has mostly diverted off english food, creating rather tasty Meat Pies… 🙂 yum!

Alcohol is very common with meals, and in australia it is usually an after meal drink

There are 2 main religions in Chile, whereas in Australia there are 4 main ones, with a lot more uncommon ones.

Digi-AU research T3

Hey guys, I know this is late, it (hopefully) won’t happen again, but anyway. I have done not much research but a LOT of mucking around on pixelmator. About 2.5 hours or more probably. I have found a lot of things like drawing and painting tools, and I can’t believe I didn’t find this before. There are so many features like strength, width and even textures, yes TEXTURES. It is really cool, and I highly recommend this app to anyone willing to pay $9 for a very cool photo editing app.

Building Views Reflection

At the start of term 3, our whole class did a small maths project called ‘Building Views’. In this we looked at block towers on a 4 x 4 foundation, built them, and drew the side and front views. After we did that we got the side and front views then built the buildings. We worked out the minimum blocks we could use, and then the maximum. If we could we could work out the variations, but me and my partner, Harrison, thought we wouldn’t have time so we didn’t. It was ok, as some sessions were quite distracting.

Anyway, C ya in da next post

Digi-AmazeUs-Update & teaser!

Hello guys, I’ve got some things to share with you today. First up, I have decided to change my digi-amaze_us to JavaScript coding instead of Scratch, because I feel Scratch wasn’t challenging me enough. I have decided to use codecademy, as it is a great way to teach and demonstrate a lot of different coding languages, like Python, Ruby, and, of course, JavaScript. I will do a short video of how to use and how codecademy works, using a mixture of different programs. I will use Corel ScreenCapture X6 to record my screen, and then put it together in Corel VideoStudio X6. I also might edit some photos in Adobe Photoshop.

So, watch out on my blog to get the latest updates on my TED and Digi. And now from Matthew, BYE!codecademy-logo