Reading blog T3 Week 6

Who/What am I?

I’ve got 3 strands of hair

They’re always in black, as is me

My black back is always hunched

It is always hunched because of school bags weight

I hate the school and their bags

My brother is very annoying

My older brother always has parties and never gets told off

His name begins with R, and mine G

I was written by a man called Jeff


Sorry for the late response, and i hope you enjoyed it. Who am I and in what book??? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!!!

Catching the Reader

Hi everybody, this is my 7th reading blog post, and first things first, I’ve changed the names of my posts. I am going to stop calling them”Reading Blog #1″etc, I’m going to call it the subject of the week’s name.

Anyway, I think this week I can do my normal non-fiction books. I would choose ‘Ripley’s Believe it or not: Incredibly Strange!’. It is a fun and quirky book with lots of facts and some small stories about the achievements/people that do them. Around back, it has a small but enticing blurb.


Like it? I do. Moving on to the design, it looks like it would hook you in, because it has all these cool pictures and looks a bit 3-D. The colour selection is bright and (was) shiny, which makes it look cool. I think this book would entice mostly everyone who picks his book up.

Graph Time!!!


  • The design and colours look cool
  • The facts are quirky
  • It’s quite long (It means it’s got so many facts!!)
  • It’s really easy to find in a library (001)


  • The facts sometimes (but rarely) get repetitive
  • They’re so good they probably sell out or get borrowed super quickly


  • Most facts!!!
  • Why there are so many of pretty much the same Ripley’s books
  • Why people do these things just for recognition

Sorry if I didn’t do enough of the PMI. I couldn’t really think of anything apart from a lot of (pretty much the same as I’ve already covered) positives!!


The front cover

That’s it for this post, Matthew Out!!


Reading Blog #6

I’ve been reading a lot of non-fiction books recently, like Ripley’s and other fact books, so it’s hard to find a powerful sentence. But, for now I might just go back to Diary of a Wimpy Kid to find some “powerful” sentences.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last straw – Page 2

“Even my little brother Manny couldn’t stick with his new years resolution. This morning he told everyone that he’s a ‘big boy’, and he’s giving up his pacifier [dummy] for good. Then he threw his favorite binkie [slang for pacifier] in the bin.

Well, THAT years resolution didn’t even last a whole MINUTE.”

That last sentence stayed in my head for a while. I remembered how powerful the explanation of how he couldn’t keep his new years resolution was. His other family couldn’t keep their resolutions, but I think this was the most powerful sentence of them all.

Reading Blog #5

I am still reading diary of a wimpy kid – but this time, “the last straw”. It is the third book in the series (I think…), and is a sequel to Rodrick Rules. It is very good (in my opinion) and I would defiantly recommend the series to anybody who hasn’t read it.

Solving problems – One of the big problems in the diary of a wimpy kid book “Rodrick Rules”, was that Rodrick ruled. He was a bully to Greg, and he would punish him if he told anyone something embarrassing or weird, but tells all of his friends if Greg does something embarrassing. He ends up solving this by ganging up with his friends to stop this, then told his parents. I think he got grounded for about 1 or 2 months, I forgot.


Anyway, C ya l8a & happy reading!!!

Reading Blog – 3

I have recently been reading diary of a wimpy kid (1st book), and I am enjoying it. I mostly ignored the series, untill one of my friends recommended it to me a couple weeks ago. She said, “If you like tom gates, you’ll like diary of a wimpy kid!”. This certainly turned out to be true, as it is a funny and interesting book to read.

According to how much I have read so far, the setting is mostly a high school (in the U.S, because everybody takes the bus home), and at his house. He does go in the car or his friends house, but mostly his house.

I have been in a similar setting, as I’ve been on a tour of K.I.C., and it is very similar to how he describes the school in the book. I’ve ¬†also (quite obviously) been to a friend’s house or my house.

Me as a Reader

I am currently reading “Then”, and I am enjoying it. It is a sequel to the well known book “When”, and I highly recommend this series to anyone looking into reading some war-action type book.

I do like Morris Gleitzman, and this is one of the first fiction stories that I like, as usually I like non-fiction books.

I do read most nights, as it is fun to me. It is interesting looking at all the facts in non-fiction books or imagining the beautiful scene explained in the fiction book.

P.S. This is the front cover of then