Digi T4 Teaser Post

So, me and Jesse finally met up on sunday, and got some work done! We decided that coding something like a little game would be more of a thing to do if we had until next year, but we don’t. Instead, we started making a quiz on Jesse’s mac, with questions about stuff we have done over the year. It will then be exported to my iPad, and then we will get some people to come up and try it. The swift on mac is a lot easier to use, as it has an actual keyboard to work with, and a live output of the code you have entered. The swift playground for iOS is more of a beginner’s thing to then get into the mac version of swift, or so I thought. Anyway, be ready for the project, and i’ll see you in the next blog post!



Digi-AU Update post T4

Over the time that I have wrote the last blog post and now, I have done a bit of refining my skills before I muck around and create something big, as I think it would be better to do that rather than make a lot of mistakes and have to fix them later in the final version. Anyway, the point is that I’ve been doing my other homework instead of this the last 2 or so weeks, and to a great success. But, apart from that I don’t really know what to say more.

Thats it c ya

Digi-AU research post T4

As you probably know by now, I’m doing a project with Jesse on a program called swift, more about that in the last post. Anyway, I’ve downloaded the app and explored with it a bit. I like the way the UI works, it has suggestions at the bottom of the screen, and if you press an up button in the bottom right, the keyboard comes up. It’s a little thing that is very noticeable once you start writing longer scripts. Anyway, moving on, I haven’t watched any YouTube videos, and I don’t plan too as it has tutorials built in and I like exploring myself. It is a very well coded (see what I did there!?) app, that is very god if you wanted to get into coding on an iPad, and also, it’s free. Also, a thing that I’ve noticed when using this, is it’s quite similar to JavaScript, except more presets (e.g. you have to define Jump() in JavaScript, whereas you don’t on Swift). Anyway, that’s just a little update I’d share with the people reading this post, and I’ll see you in the next blog post!

Digi-AU T3 Teaser!!!

Yo Dawgs (we are in America this week!),

Today I am showing you a snippet of what my Digi for this term will be like! First up, the script. It’s a regular man, living in a nice house, and he decides to go on an adventure. He has been on many before, but this one turns out to be different. Stranded after just a short trip off the coast of his home town, his adventurous desire turns into a nightmare. He must battle creatures, prehistoric and mythical, to survive, but at the same time to explore. The treacherous place that he landed on, he has finally abandoned. No adventure shall be alone again. No one should go off the east of Perdney City. Lucky he was slightly prepared…

Anyway, like I have mentioned before, I am using Pixelmator to edit photos, and Corel to edit.

Last off, here is a few more pictures that will probably be in the final film. Hope you enjoy!!!

20150612_164840000_iOS 20121128_003021000_iOS 20160719_100721000_iOS

Digi-AU T3 Proposal

Hi guys, and welcome to my first blog post of term 3!!! (I think…) This term we are doing digi-amaze us again, but this time we have all of the term to do it. I have said to a few people that I will be using a photoshopping app on iOS called pixelmator. That is very well the case. I haven’t done that much exploring yet, but at first glance I think this could be the most advanced photoshop on iOS. It does just as they said at the apple event, probably even quicker and better than back then. I am really enjoying making things on this program, especially when I make my sister into something else, but anyway, it’s a cool program and I recommend downloading this app. I will probably be making a set of pictures on it, putting them in a folder, and getting iOS 10 to make a movie for me, so I am kind of using 2 things. I will also like to do a live presentation to show you in more detail as well. This will challenge me, as I really want to push this app and my skills to the limit, and I think I will learn a lot from it.

My sister

My sister

Anyway, that’s it for this post, c ya in the next one!?