Digi T4 Proposal

for my digi-Amaze_Us this term, I decided to do another coding one, this time on an apple programing language through my iPad. I will most likely be working with Jesse, who will be using a mac, which still uses the same code, Xcode 8.0. We will just be playing around at the start, but we will make it into a project and do something cool in the end. I will give a bit more info as we go on, but that will be it for this post, c ya in da next 1!

2 thoughts on “Digi T4 Proposal

  1. Your project sounds very interesting! I don’t know much about coding so it will be good to learn more. Would you record it using screen capture or do something else?

  2. I’m glad you’re exploring coding but your post doesn’t give us much information about your project. What exactly will you be creating? And what will your message be?

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