Zoo project blog post

This term year 6 at Geelong college have been working on a zoo film where we chose an animal out of ten choices, and researched about them, went to melbourne zoo then made a film on them. For my animal, I chose the Orangutan as a random choice, as I couldn’t decide. Then we went on and made a word doc where we recorded some facts and wrote a script about it to take to the zoo. I didn’t quite finish mine, and my printer was broken so I couldn’t print it out, so I just winged it in the end. Anyway, when we got to the zoo I was put in Mr. Henderson’s group with all the other Orangutan people and we listened to a guide who told us what to do and when to do. So we went off to the orangutans soon after, and there we got a lot of footage. I did my piece to camera there, improvising, and it turned out quite good. We went to a hut like building after that, where a zookeeper showed us a “gold coin turtle”, very rare and very expensive turtle occasionally sold on the black market for hundreds of thousands. After that we took a small tour around the zoo and took some more photos and videos, then went back home. The next day, we did our dumping, culling and converting and then started to make our first draft. A few days later, we had a session to get feedback from our draft and action it. I got a lot of three ticks, and just tweaked a few things and rendered it in the highest quality(1080p). We submitted them onto the K drive when we were done, and then made this post a few days later. So, we got some positive feedback just before we wrote this post, and here is it:

I like how you compared a orangutans to palm oil-Noah:)
I liked the music and you made the audience care for the animal-Henry
You made me really care about the animal and want to save it-reuben
i liked the piece to camera part it was very persuasive and the music really suited the film-olly

I like the footage and the music fits the mood. – Zoe

the music really suited the mood and your voice overs were very clear and had a good message – HARRO

I really liked how you compared orangutans and palm oil. Your script was really well written and you used some really good facts-Callan

I liked the message and how you compared the orangutans to palm oil. The music fitted and was very helpful in your film. -Harry Sadler

You have great information and I love the way you expressed yourself in your voiceover- Camilla

I really liked the piece to camera and how powerful the message was when you were talking, and also he facts were amazing – Barnaby

I liked your music and the P.T.C was great I also liked your voice overs because they were really clear and the footage you used was amazing. – Nick

I like how powerful the start was.-Jacob
love the video choice and the voice over is really clear and it just put s it into perspective how much we over take orangutans and how there were so much more of them and less now. don’t you think – Alex White


A lot right!! So anyway, I got the film here for you in 600×1000, and you can view it! Comment down bellow what you think of it!

That’s it for this blog post, see you in the next one!

Digi-AU research post T4

As you probably know by now, I’m doing a project with Jesse on a program called swift, more about that in the last post. Anyway, I’ve downloaded the app and explored with it a bit. I like the way the UI works, it has suggestions at the bottom of the screen, and if you press an up button in the bottom right, the keyboard comes up. It’s a little thing that is very noticeable once you start writing longer scripts. Anyway, moving on, I haven’t watched any YouTube videos, and I don’t plan too as it has tutorials built in and I like exploring myself. It is a very well coded (see what I did there!?) app, that is very god if you wanted to get into coding on an iPad, and also, it’s free. Also, a thing that I’ve noticed when using this, is it’s quite similar to JavaScript, except more presets (e.g. you have to define Jump() in JavaScript, whereas you don’t on Swift). Anyway, that’s just a little update I’d share with the people reading this post, and I’ll see you in the next blog post!

Digi T4 Proposal

for my digi-Amaze_Us this term, I decided to do another coding one, this time on an apple programing language through my iPad. I will most likely be working with Jesse, who will be using a mac, which still uses the same code, Xcode 8.0. We will just be playing around at the start, but we will make it into a project and do something cool in the end. I will give a bit more info as we go on, but that will be it for this post, c ya in da next 1!