Advertising Promo Film

Over the last few weeks the year 6’s have been working on an advertising film for a real client. We have been doing it for inquiry, and have been out for an excursion to film some stuff recently. 6A went to Torquay and SupaTramp, 6B went to the barwon river and places around there, and 6C went to Eastern Beach. For the day I was partners with Noah, but I filmed a couple people, as well as took photos. After that excursion, we had a lot of footage. Noah and I then shared our footage with the rest of the group, Isaac, Owen, Alice and Bailey G. So, we got their footage as well and then started editing our own versions. Mine wasn’t too good, as my draft 2 was the last one before my project file became corrupt }:(.

So, here  is my film, I hope you enjoy it!!!

P.S I tried to get the best quality possible, and I ended up getting it to 1600×900. So it’s quite good quality 🙂

Here’s my feedback sheet!


Sorry I couldn’t find my shot list, so I couldn’t get it in this blog post. Sorry!

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