Digi-AU T3 Teaser!!!

Yo Dawgs (we are in America this week!),

Today I am showing you a snippet of what my Digi for this term will be like! First up, the script. It’s a regular man, living in a nice house, and he decides to go on an adventure. He has been on many before, but this one turns out to be different. Stranded after just a short trip off the coast of his home town, his adventurous desire turns into a nightmare. He must battle creatures, prehistoric and mythical, to survive, but at the same time to explore. The treacherous place that he landed on, he has finally abandoned. No adventure shall be alone again. No one should go off the east of Perdney City. Lucky he was slightly prepared…

Anyway, like I have mentioned before, I am using Pixelmator to edit photos, and Corel to edit.

Last off, here is a few more pictures that will probably be in the final film. Hope you enjoy!!!

20150612_164840000_iOS 20121128_003021000_iOS 20160719_100721000_iOS

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