Digi-AU T3 Update

Soooo….. I have changed my idea quite a bit since my last post. I am doing a story now, full of edited pictures, about a man who goes on an adventure and finds dragons, dinos, and other creatures on this expedition. I will put them on my onedrive on my iPad, put them onto my laptop, and then put them together and do the voiceover in Corel or Adobe Premiere, I haven’t decided yet. I have been doing quite a bit of research, by just exploring the app. I found even more features, especially in the drawing area. There are soooooo many different textures of paint, crayon, pen etc. It’s just overkill. Overall, this has been a fun project, thanks Mr Henderson!

I don’t want to give any more detail away, because I want it to be a bit of a surprise!!!

One of my edited photos

One of my edited photos


Chile Culture

For RVE, at school recently we have been doing a project called cultures of the world. The title basically says what it is, we are choosing a country from the olympic website, researching about it’s culture, then doing a blog post about the differences in culture between us and the country. For my first country I did Chile, because one of my good friends in Melbourne is from there, and I was just feeling curious about south American culture. So here are the main differences….

The culture of all of South America is very similar, whereas Oceania has some quite different cultures around Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

In South America, there where “Huasos”, similar to cowboys who roamed around on horses. Australia had none of them.

In Chile they have traditional folk music, which varies quite a lot between the north and south. Australia doesn’t really have a traditional dance, and the only ‘traditional music’, didgerido’oers, don’t vary that much

The cuisine in  Chile is highly reflective of the spanish and italian immigrants. Australia has mostly diverted off english food, creating rather tasty Meat Pies… 🙂 yum!

Alcohol is very common with meals, and in australia it is usually an after meal drink

There are 2 main religions in Chile, whereas in Australia there are 4 main ones, with a lot more uncommon ones.

Reading blog T3 Week 6

Who/What am I?

I’ve got 3 strands of hair

They’re always in black, as is me

My black back is always hunched

It is always hunched because of school bags weight

I hate the school and their bags

My brother is very annoying

My older brother always has parties and never gets told off

His name begins with R, and mine G

I was written by a man called Jeff


Sorry for the late response, and i hope you enjoyed it. Who am I and in what book??? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!!!

Digi-AU research T3

Hey guys, I know this is late, it (hopefully) won’t happen again, but anyway. I have done not much research but a LOT of mucking around on pixelmator. About 2.5 hours or more probably. I have found a lot of things like drawing and painting tools, and I can’t believe I didn’t find this before. There are so many features like strength, width and even textures, yes TEXTURES. It is really cool, and I highly recommend this app to anyone willing to pay $9 for a very cool photo editing app.