Digi-AU T3 Proposal

Hi guys, and welcome to my first blog post of term 3!!! (I think…) This term we are doing digi-amaze us again, but this time we have all of the term to do it. I have said to a few people that I will be using a photoshopping app on iOS called pixelmator. That is very well the case. I haven’t done that much exploring yet, but at first glance I think this could be the most advanced photoshop on iOS. It does just as they said at the apple event, probably even quicker and better than back then. I am really enjoying making things on this program, especially when I make my sister into something else, but anyway, it’s a cool program and I recommend downloading this app. I will probably be making a set of pictures on it, putting them in a folder, and getting iOS 10 to make a movie for me, so I am kind of using 2 things. I will also like to do a live presentation to show you in more detail as well. This will challenge me, as I really want to push this app and my skills to the limit, and I think I will learn a lot from it.

My sister

My sister

Anyway, that’s it for this post, c ya in the next one!?


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  1. This is a fantastic idea. I wonder what kind of movie you could make out of these images? Will it be an instructional film or will it be a film with a narrative about the wacky characters that you create? I’m happy for you to make that decision throughout the term as you explore the program. Thumbs up!

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