Building Views Reflection

At the start of term 3, our whole class did a small maths project called ‘Building Views’. In this we looked at block towers on a 4 x 4 foundation, built them, and drew the side and front views. After we did that we got the side and front views then built the buildings. We worked out the minimum blocks we could use, and then the maximum. If we could we could work out the variations, but me and my partner, Harrison, thought we wouldn’t have time so we didn’t. It was ok, as some sessions were quite distracting.

Anyway, C ya in da next post

Digi-AU T3 Proposal

Hi guys, and welcome to my first blog post of term 3!!! (I think…) This term we are doing digi-amaze us again, but this time we have all of the term to do it. I have said to a few people that I will be using a photoshopping app on iOS called pixelmator. That is very well the case. I haven’t done that much exploring yet, but at first glance I think this could be the most advanced photoshop on iOS. It does just as they said at the apple event, probably even quicker and better than back then. I am really enjoying making things on this program, especially when I make my sister into something else, but anyway, it’s a cool program and I recommend downloading this app. I will probably be making a set of pictures on it, putting them in a folder, and getting iOS 10 to make a movie for me, so I am kind of using 2 things. I will also like to do a live presentation to show you in more detail as well. This will challenge me, as I really want to push this app and my skills to the limit, and I think I will learn a lot from it.

My sister

My sister

Anyway, that’s it for this post, c ya in the next one!?