Digi-AmazeUs-Update & teaser!

Hello guys, I’ve got some things to share with you today. First up, I have decided to change my digi-amaze_us to JavaScript coding instead of Scratch, because I feel Scratch wasn’t challenging me enough. I have decided to use codecademy, as it is a great way to teach and demonstrate a lot of different coding languages, like Python, Ruby, and, of course, JavaScript. I will do a short video of how to use and how codecademy works, using a mixture of different programs. I will use Corel ScreenCapture X6 to record my screen, and then put it together in Corel VideoStudio X6. I also might edit some photos in Adobe Photoshop.

So, watch out on my blog to get the latest updates on my TED and Digi. And now from Matthew, BYE!codecademy-logo

Digi-Amaze Us

For my digi-amaze us project these next 2 weeks, I will be doing scratch. It is an online block-coding suite, and a lot of people use it. I will be making a car game, and showing how to do it in a little video. I will record my screen using Corel ScreenCapture X6. I will edit it in Adobe Premiere, so I guess it’s kind of like researching 2 things at once. I will use blocks and techniques I have never used before, so that will be my challenge.

Anyway, keep up to date on my scratch account (called “Mahooti”), and c ya l8a!!