Reading Blog: Poem

Today I will be writing about the 39 story tree house, which I completed last night in about 1 and a half hours. It is written by Andy Griffiths and illustrated by Terry Denton. It is a funny fictional series, with the 78 story tree house coming out in August. I like it, because there are a lot of weird and funny stuff in the books, such as flying beetroot. Anyway, I will make a haiku about it.

Andy and Terry

having fun; too much fun to

get their important book done!

like it? I know it doesn’t have a season in it, but it is a 5,7,6 syllable haiku.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone between the ages of 5-15. There are also a lot of pictures, which I personally enjoy, and even though they are quite thick, they are sometimes wasted, like a lot of black pages in a row etc. Anyway, I really like the series, and I think that new books in the series will continue coming out for a long time.

Reading Blog: Author Inquiry

Hi guys, today I am doing my Reading Blog about ‘author inquiry’. I am still reading the first Timmy Failure book (Mistakes Were Made), and am still enjoying it. It is about a boy called Timmy and his polar bear Total, and how they started their detective business. For an overview of the book, check out my last blog post. Anyway, the author is Called Stephan Pastis, and I gathered some facts about him. Here they are:

  1. He is an American cartoonist
  2. He was born in January 1968
  3. He has 2 children
  4. He has been cartooning since he was a child
  5. He studied science and law at university
  6. He published his first piece in 2000, which was the first copy of the cartoon strip ‘Pearls Before Swine’
  7. He has won a lot of awards, such as a few National Cartoonist Society’s awards
  8. He published his first Timmy Failure book (the one I’m reading) on February 2013
  9. He has wrote 8 comic strips in the series ‘Pearls Before Swine’, and 4 Timmy Failure Books

Like Them? I got all of the facts from wikipedia incase you were wondering, and I know I didn’t include 2 other books/series, but he only has 2 series! Anyway, I will see you next week, Matthew is over and Out.

Reading Blog: Events

Hello guys, today our reading blog’s focus is “Events”. I’ll order the main events from 1-10. I’ll do Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made for this activity, as it’s a good fiction book and i’m rereading it now.

  1. The author (Stephan Pastis, in case you were wondering) introduces the reader to Timmy & Total and their detective agency
  2. He starts his first job, a missing candy case
  3. He tells the reader about his mum and how annoying she is
  4. He goes on and tells the reader about his school and some people there
  5. He starts his second job, a case of toilet paper all over a house
  6. He has been going around downtown looking at some offices for rent, and goes to a bank
  7. He goes to the library, and introduces Flo (actually a boy) who’s fat and got tattoos all over him
  8. Goes on about how lazy his polar bear is, and how annoying his mum is again.
  9. He goes to school, and imagines his teacher going on holiday and other funny stuff
  10. His school friends are doing weird stuff, like putting food in their mouths then shaking their heads, etc.

Like it? Sorry it was late again, I just forgot. Anyway, Timmy Failure is a good, funny series, and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

As always, watch out for my next post; C ya!

Martian Maths

This is our martian maths project we did today (3/5/16), and it was quite fun. We took a look at some martian shapes and worked out what their value was. Here are some pictures


Question 1 and 2 answers.



My new shapes that I made up (Q3)



My Martian Maths rules



My new shapes up to 25 on the left, old shapes up to 25 n the right

I really enjoyed that. Did/would you think that was  fun too? comment!

Catching the Reader

Hi everybody, this is my 7th reading blog post, and first things first, I’ve changed the names of my posts. I am going to stop calling them”Reading Blog #1″etc, I’m going to call it the subject of the week’s name.

Anyway, I think this week I can do my normal non-fiction books. I would choose ‘Ripley’s Believe it or not: Incredibly Strange!’. It is a fun and quirky book with lots of facts and some small stories about the achievements/people that do them. Around back, it has a small but enticing blurb.


Like it? I do. Moving on to the design, it looks like it would hook you in, because it has all these cool pictures and looks a bit 3-D. The colour selection is bright and (was) shiny, which makes it look cool. I think this book would entice mostly everyone who picks his book up.

Graph Time!!!


  • The design and colours look cool
  • The facts are quirky
  • It’s quite long (It means it’s got so many facts!!)
  • It’s really easy to find in a library (001)


  • The facts sometimes (but rarely) get repetitive
  • They’re so good they probably sell out or get borrowed super quickly


  • Most facts!!!
  • Why there are so many of pretty much the same Ripley’s books
  • Why people do these things just for recognition

Sorry if I didn’t do enough of the PMI. I couldn’t really think of anything apart from a lot of (pretty much the same as I’ve already covered) positives!!


The front cover

That’s it for this post, Matthew Out!!


Shape Animation

Hi everyone, this is the shape animation project that we’ve been working on at school. I used a DSLR to take the pics, and worked with Campbell and Noah, and Campbell made up the (rather unusual) story line about Trump becoming

I am quite proud that we ended up doing a pretty decent job, considering that we were slow to work, and the timing was completely messed up. It was a challenge to make the timing correct without completely wrecking the animation and movement (it took a long time), and also to keep Donald together without showing the blue-tack. And also making Donald and the ninja jump.

Next time I think we should organise more, because that would’ve made the whole job easier and quicker.

P.S. Sorry for the low quality (480p)