Reading Rants

This term you are required to complete a few Reading Rants about the books that you finish. You are expected to complete at least two Reading Rants this term.

These are the guidelines for your Reading Rant page entries … do a new entry every time you finish reading a book!

In your entry, you are to include:

  1. The date of the entry
  2. Book title and author
  3. An image of the front cover
  4. Summary of the story
  5.  Information about the type of book (fantasy, historical fiction, action, biography, etc.)
  6. What you liked and didn’t like about the text
  7. Who you liked and didn’t like in the story
  8. Who you would recommend the book to and why
  9. A rating of the book out of 10


Then, please send the URL link to Mr Henderson once you have published your update

Be vigilant with this! It is a great way for you to begin to build a profile of yourself as a reader.


Ok, then…


ABOUT 15th JULY; Pocket Encyclopedia: Dinosaurs


I finished reading this non-fiction book about dinosaurs. It is relatively old (2006), but it is still good and entertaining. The full title of the book is POCKET GUIDE: DINOSAURS- FROM ALLOSAURUS TO TYRANNOSAURUS, and is by Gerrie McCall. Because it is not fiction I can’t do a very good summary, but anyway, the book has a lot (of course not all) dinosaurs, mammals etc. The time of the life forms starts at around 600 million years ago, and goes up to mammals that lived around 15,000 years ago, like mammoths. The organisms in this book all have a chart of their height, weight, length, time period, meaning of name, pronunciation, diet and fossil locations. The creatures are ordered in their time periods, which makes it quite easy to go to a dinosaur (if you know when it lived!).

I really liked the book, as it was cool and informational, 2 things that I really like to have in books. I know some aren’t that exact, but overall they put a lot of science and hard work into this book.

There is only 2 reasons I don’t like the book: The fact that it’s old, and that on 1/3 of the creatures it doesn’t say either their height, weight, length or sometimes over one of them are N/A’d

Overall, the good highly outweighs the bad, and I recommend this book to everyone who is interested, or wants to know more about dinos. I give it 8/10 Goldfish Brain Trophies.

Written on 31/07/16