I have nearly finished editing my mountain passion project. I have enjoyed this part of the film making it all go together because I had a lot of footage to work with and in the end it turned out really well. For the editing I did a lot of things. The main changes I did to the footage was making the making the process of the decorating faster so you don’t have to sit through 26 minutes of me slowly putting decorations on a cake, muting a lot of the footage to make sure I don’t have a sped up version of me talking and singing, and finally and making the footage of me talking louder so that you can hear me. I thought that these were really great to put in so that it made it more interesting to watch and you could (and in some cases so you can’t) hear me.. I used this feature throughout most of my film and it really brought the quality of the film up higher.

I can’t wait to finish my passion project and I am really proud of where I am at!

The Production

I have finally made it to the production stage of my passion project. I have finished my filming and now I’m ready to edit! I found some different ways to film, some really good camera angles.I think that it was really cool how I did the angle showing the cakes being decorated because it was hard to do because sometimes you couldn’t see them properly and the decoration weren’t in frame but, for the most part, that is fine I also think that it is really good because I can put  in some bloopers about how everything fell on the floor and that will be funny. I can’t wait to put this together in the post production stage of my film!