Triple R

This term in Tripple R we have been learning about habbits of mind.

Today in Tripple R we have been reflecting on  HOM Habbit of mind, listening with Understanding and empathy.

first we started with a drawing acticity where ms Flakemore would read out items to draw on a whiteboard we then saw how other people did diferent stuff showing diversity.

we then did a small performance to the clas the performance could be about

I won a prize or competition.

My Dog died

My father or mother retrenched

I lost my wallet or phone

I am first in the class

I failed my Exam

With these scenarios there were diferent ideas from diferent people

reading rant

The Big Switch

The big switch is all about David Warners cricket experiences as a kid if you didn’t know David Warner is one of the Australia Cricket openers for all formats of the game he is currently listed 5th best batsmen in the world.

David Warner grew up in sunny flats and always played cricket with his friend sunny.

I would recommend this book for anyone looking for a good read but it also covers a wide range of cricket fans if you like cricket I think you might enjoy reading this book.

I really liked the insight and cricket related struggles he had to go through

I would rate this book a 8 out of 10

How it’s going

Term 4 passion project

If you didn’t know I am doing a video on cricket one of my passions. My production has been going extremely well although I wave had a bump in the road as some of my photos didn’t work out as planned so I will need to redo some of my shots.

I am really looking forward to completing my passion project for term 4



For my passion project I am doing cricket as my previous passion project blog post said.

I am hoping to get a lot of my photage in match but I do know that it may not work out so I have decided that I might do either some of the batting bowling or fielding. in the nets or on the oval as what I want to happen may not happen and lighting may not be ideal






I have decided to do my third and final passion project on cricket.         Cricket is one of my favourite sports and as it is cricket season I decided to do it on cricket.

I was thinking that I could gather a whole range of photage while I am batting bowling and fielding. I have realised that especially for fielding that it might not go as planned so I have decided to also get some photage in the nets and on the oval as well.

Also as I play on a Friday night and we either bat or bowl last for a lot of weeks in a row the lighting may not be as good.

It might also be hard to get the best videos while on the boundary so I will do some in the nets as well.

I think that I will thourouly enjoy this passion project



In class we are creating a film about a endangered animal to spread awareness I am creating a script about the gorilla I think that you should either donate your phone or help them in some way.

There are only 680 mountain gorillas left so do something help them before they are wiped of the face of the earth

this unique animal that has is one of the closest primates to the human race. If we were in their position we would want others to help not just stand there not just take there bones and habitat.








The majestic gorilla chomping down on bamboo shoots not hurting ANYONE

Stop dreaming this is not the reality

People are killing them.

Gorillas are dying

We’re killing them

Well you think its not my fault im not a poacher I don’t buy the bush meat but you, you the consumer are killing them all that wood you buy to build YOUR house it doesn’t just come out of nowhere no it comes from forests where GORILLAS live so check where your wood comes from

6000 trees are cut down a minuet

If that doesn’t get to you that’s 8 640 000 trees a day

Not only do trees getting cut down effect gorillas they effect many animals that need forests to survive.

There habitat is disappearing

%10 of wood on the market was illegally cut down there is probably a lot more.

Coltan have you ever heard of it probably not but I know you have it in your phones in your computer in anything that has a battery this is one massive reason why gorillas are dying is coltan, coltan is found near where the gorillas live and it is illegally mined.

Gorillas are also part of the animal trade illegaly poached animals. There bush meat is sold and there bones are used as trophies.

One way you can help these critically endangered animals from diapering of the face of the planet is by recycling your mobile phones just take your phone to the zoo and they will sell it the money they get will go to conservation of the species and also reduces the demand for conflict minerals, such as coltan. Therefore, less habitat is destroyed.

We need tougher laws and stricter enforcement on poaching and logging

Check where your wood comes from.

Spread the message and help gorillas stay alive.




Our differences and similaritys

Well if you didn’t know for the few weeks for term 3 for RVE we have been focusing on cultures around the word we focused on what there traditional food and clothing was and stuff they do in their country. I choose to focus on the UAE witch stands for the united Arab or emirates.

The united Arab of emirates has many differences such as there population consist of mainly Muslim 90% to be exact. although Australia is a multi cultural nation with many different religions and cultures.

Also there main language is Arabic and our main language is English.

although we have many things that aren’t similar there are also heaps of thing that we do have in common such as we both have a national soccer team. we also have tall buildings although ours is nothing compared to theirs.

If I lived in UAE I would find it challenging to learn a new language but luckily English is polular over there.

Also if I lived in Dubai I might find it hard to find public areas that aren’t crowded because it is very popoulated.

For the first few moths while I am there I would have to adapt to the change of weather as it is really hot and doesn’t rain much over there, because it is built on a desert.


well I’m going really well in my passion project and it is about to be finished.

If you didn’t know I am making a replica ashes urn for my passion project as I’m not making a film I’m not editing instead I just have a power point with a whole heap of photos.

To make my replica ashes urn  I bought some wood although the actual urn is made of clay and not wood it was easier for me to make it out of wood because I don’t have a mould or a spinal.

Also the ashes urn is coated in a glossy paint you cant see the clay so it doesn’t make much of a difference

To add extra effects I will be burning some wood because it is a urn and it is made to hold the ashes of bails

My production is half finished because of bad weather I didn’t get it all done.

but I’m going to finish it on the weekend

labyrinth in the library

For the upcoming book week we were luck enough to have an author visit he wasn’t actually a author  he was a playwright and I think that he was a really good one to because it was entertaining for most of the time even though I thought it was a little over the top at the start.

He did a play all about this little guy that woke up early to read the book that he hadn’t started but he wanted to play computer games and he then got side-tracked and time flew past.

he then goes to school and his teacher asks him about the book and the teacher can then clearly tell that he hasn’t read the book but the teacher is nice and doe sent give him the cane or tell his parents I think that this is where he should have just sit down and read the book.

He then went into a back storage room and tried to play his game on the computer that he stole from his dad but this really old computer as it was 1983 and didn’t have any volume buttons so it was really loud and his teacher herd he then put the computer behind some old books and hid and it all went downhill. The computer game came to life and started destroying all the books.

the moral of the story is that books expand this came across really well with the set design as al the compartments folded out and had secret compartments with key parts of books in them.

he said that making the set took him half a year so I think he must have thought really hard and just gone straight at it because the whole thing flowed really well and there weren’t props from different scenes just sitting around.

He also touched on the subject that just the difference of having a hard copy as when the computer was turned of the books didn’t go back together but they were written on the computer.

I think that it is better to have a hard copy books but you have to search heaps of book shops to get a book or use your computer to order it online so your still using your phone or computer.

another better feature with a hard book is that I can read it in the car because I cant read an ebook in the car because I get a headache but I still get small ones with a hard cover book.


How will it all go down

I’m just as curious as you as to it will all go down but here is my plan and hopefully it will go to plan.

Here is my shotlist basicly if your not familiar with a shotlist it is a list of all the shots you will be taking so if you are doing a F.S (AKA) full shot of you saying something you would add it along with everything else you film.

for my film I will need to go get all the supplies and materials that you would need to make a replica ashes urn

Scene Description (Storyline) Type of Shot (MS, LS, CU, ECU, etc.) Dialogue/Audio (VO, PTC, Text)
1 Panning shot of ashes urn on table p.s No music
2 Shot of finished product f.s Music from bensound
3 Shot of finished product f.s Music from bensound
4 Shot of finished product f.s Music from bensound
5 Me probably at my grandfathers place in his workshop making the urn m.s Difeerent upbeat music from bensound
6 Film of me making the urn m.s Same music as before
7 Film of it afterwards f.s Same music as before
8 The actual ashes f.s Same music as before
9 Picture of replica ashes given to winning team after ashes match is finished f.s Same music as before
10 credits Diferent music from bensound

I will be making this at my grandfathers or at my holiday house at is a more prepared area with more tools and safety defices.

I’m really exited about this