Year 6 term 2

This term has gone so fast it feels like week 8 , with inter school sport every Thursday and but we didn’t get to have a lightning carnival unfortunately. last year it wasn’t washed out and the summer was washed out this year so the exact opposite happened.

One of my favourite things this year was playing aps I love playing aps last year I was luck enough to play in the year 7 and 8 team this year I also had the opportunity to play again playing up is really good and my progress is exceled  so I was able to play in the year 9s team earlier this year.

As you all know we started our passion projects this term and we have been blogging all the time on our progress as you also know I made a football then I got to show my film on how I made it was really hard for me to make my footy and all the blogging that we needed to do and the struggle with the bladder  and the leather then at the end it was kind of like a balloon shaped football because the measurments that we got on line may have been wrong but it was more likely that it was just my mistake.

My football doesn’t kick well but it still works and it can kick ok but because of its odd shape it is hard to get back spin and it doesn’t exactly go straight.

Unfortunately Mrs Stafford left to go have a baby in week 5 and since then there has been less Friday funnys and Funny backgrounds.

Ted Talk

We had to make a ted talk. We started by watching 3 other kids ted talks the first one was the best it was about a kid that did programing the other 2 weren’t that interesting. We then went onto making our script this was the hardest part and it took for ages. we then got feedback from the teacher and added pointers and the a voice recording then added pictures and that was our story clip.


This term we have had the opportunity to do many thinks to benefit my learning and myself


We have also had a range of sporting activities like inter school sport witch we were very unlucky with we smashed all the teams except one team beat us so we didn’t get to go through to the next round but I still enjoyed.

We learnt about all about not rushing and trying to get a reasonable answer and not say to ourselves I’ve got the answer and not explore other ways in problem solving.

I think that the some of the challenging parts of term one were having to do sometimes lots of blogposts for passion projects and project maths.. In project maths in crosses there were so many ways to make one there were

I think that sport has changed me a lot with the team aspect playing with others with good teamwork and playing with other schools.

I think that group maths changed me a lot as I learn a lot of new things.

Pasion Project

We have just come to the end of our passion project and now we are presenting them to small groups we are watching 5 in a lesson so that we can fit them all in to the sessions.

Today I was lucky enough to see a range of different peoples blog posts from surf life saving and hockey to a rube gold burg machine a instructional netball video and a traveling video.

I was amazed by how good all the videos were although I was disappointed that somebody didn’t make something.

One thing that I noticed was that when the majority of people that had ptc there ptc was very quiet.

lesson 2 I was away for half the session due to music exam and unfortunately I missed seeing the groups but luckily I was able to watch them all afterwards.

Hannah’s – where she made flannel pyjamas with an overlocker I was stumped too what is and overlooker an overlooker basically has a different stitch.

Jack’s – A mountain bike riding inspirational film of hime riding the mountain bike trails based in the you yang’s

Oil hair’s – oli did an inspirational film about planes and

what’s the knight doing

In project maths we have been doing a knights tour.

A knights tour is a really old game where you use the rules of chess and using the moves that a knight can move is basically a L shape so 2 moves straight in any direction and then left or right.

In week 7 we launched into a knights tour and we studied our board and tried to work out what worked and what didn’t.


I found this very weird and at the beginning and I thought that you covered all the squares that you go through to get to your destination and not just the one you land on.

We got a laminated board and a white board marker and we started to try and make a full board I got around 30 squares covered but I didn’t get much more.

I then realised that it was the square where you land not all the squares you go through to get there.

It was really annoying because the whiteboard marker would hardly come of so we use whiteboard cleaner wash and it just made a difference but barely.

When we were using strategies in maths 300 pretty much all the time when you choose worst first you got 64. I think that there is a patter and that every time you use it you can get I think it has something to do with diamonds and the quarters and of course worst first.

I made a Hamiltonian path a Hamiltonian path is just lines from one move to your next move I didn’t even know what a Hamiltonian path was later I found out what it was.

I really enjoyed this

its all coming together

well I’m going really well in my passion project and it is about to be finished.

If you didn’t know I am making a Australian Football League Football for my passion project as I’m not making a film I’m not editing instead I just have a power point with a whole heap of photos.

To make my football I bought some leather and then there are some photos of me cutting the leather into a shape that I stich together with 3 other ones. I was first going to hand stich it but I found it extremely difficult to stitch. I forgot to get photos of me stitching. when I finished stitching the first 2 together I started to use the sewing machine because it was easier and a lot faster. I then had some photos of the ball inside out and then finally the right way I don’t have a finished photo yet because I am going to fix the stitching because I think that it goes out to wide because I had to get fake leather and not real leather and the fake leather doesn’t hold it as much and moves in any direction because it took from 2-7 to ship real leather.

digital etiquette

  1. Define the following words in regards to digital citizenship. Provide as much information as you can when writing your definitions:
  • Netiquette
  • Flaming / Flame Wars
  • Trolls
  • Anonymous
  • Communicating clearly (give at least three examples)
  • Permission

netiquette is basicly a code of conduct about the right behaviour. it is good to have netiquette and it carrys over to the online world if you want to be treated well you have to treat them well.

flaming also know as flame wars is when someone is delibretly tring to anoy people and make them have a hard time some people do this full time just to  have fun it is basically a argument online.

trolls are really annoying people that start flame wars and make stuff up also they like to do anything that they can to make you have a bad time

anonymous means that it is unclear and people don’t know who you are if you are are doing something anonymously people don’t know what your doing or that your there.

communicating clearly is important as a joke could be misunderstood because nobody can hear your tone of voice using Emojis is good but they can also be misunderstood.

If you accidentally type your email in capps lock it may be offensive and may damage your relationship with a person.

do not use rude words even online because it can hurt people in the real world.

it is important to ask permission if you are saying something or posting something about someone.

once your message is out even if you take it down there will still be copies.


win at the fair




In maths we have been testing out a carnival game called win at the fair this is about a carnival game at a school fair.

To begin with we explored the game win at the fair. We got a board counter and 2 dice and I played the game with Charlie.

I recoreded my data I did it by recording the moves and the money not just the money.



This got me thinking that 20c is not the most likely option even thought that it is the smallest payout so if they swapped 50c and 20c it would be the most profitable for the board owner. We then went on to our computers and this confirmed my suspicions. On maths 300 we played automated games and played with software that told us average payout was $1.40 per 10000 games. Extremely unprofitable for the board owner by an alarming rate 1000 turns and you can make 400 dollars even after paying for all your turns.

There is also a game were you just press a button and it moves your counter to simulate a game but I found there was much less chance of you getting $5 in the simulated game then with a dice and board.

I won money almost every time on the hard board and after 20 turns I had doubled my money after paying for my go. But I didn’t win as much on the simulated version.

I made a more profitable board here is a game boards that work well

The reason these work well is because I change the direction that 5&9 go to strait so the average payout is 0.30c $1.10 less than the original board but the other big reason was I changed the 50c to 0.00

this Is my changed board

this is my results for my changed board after 10000 trials


Here is the original board


what’s happening

What is happening is it made is it finished. Well its not finished because this is just an update post on how mu production post is going. So 2 weeks ago I received a parcel in the letter box with a bladder for a football. If you’re making a footy you can basically make it out of anything but one thing you need is a bladder the bladder holds the air and makes sure your footy isn’t flat and this is where it all begun the production stage I was so excited.

I am really enjoying making this footy although it is difficult and getting the shape right is even more difficult I think that this was an amazing.

Although A am making something i still need to make a film to show how I made it


Birke Baehr’s TED talk

This lesson in inquiry we were continuing with ted talks we were watching Birke Baehr’s TED talk Birke Baehr’s TED talk was about eating organic food from your community helping them out and not buying poultry farmed food because organic food is better for you

Birke Baehr was talking about trying to get across that organic food is better for you and the planet and not good for big wealthy tycoon’s wallets. In addition, genetically modified seeds for basic foods for almost all foods that could potentially harm people and just buy paying that little bit more and save a lot more on health care.

Birke Baehr got his message buy using facts and a script that makes people regret buying sugar coated food and giving food that can make their kids sick or have long-term health issues.

Birke Baehr did not use much tech I think that he used the basics because organic farmers use the basics. He used a microphone so that everyone could hear him and he used multiple slides with photos on them showing the truth about poultry farming and the good in shopping local

Birke Baehr used multiple hand gestures but I think that he may have done too many! He changed the tone of his voice depending on the severity of what he was talking about. So when he was talking about poultry farming he was deep and serious but when he was talking about the good side of organic farming his voice was lighter but still serious.

I really liked how he touched on an issue that nobody really even talks about and how WE can make a positive change on OUR community. If everyone shops local it will set of a chain effect the meat in the shops will become fresh and organic and locals will be better off.

Thomas Suarez’s

This term in year 6, we are going to be doing ted talks. TED talks are 10-20 minute speeches by people that want to share something like why eating healthy as a kid is so important. Or just something you are passionate about like not worrying and app development.

TED stands for technology entertainment design TED talks were created decades ago before computers were in every house.

The main messages in this ted talk was if you want to do something you can you may fail you may have to teach yourself but you can do it and make a positive change to your family and community.

I reckon Thomas got his message across really well by getting the audience engaged from funny remarks and his weird and funny apps.

Thomas was using a microphone minimal photos of his apps on the large screen possible an earpiece from the stage director and an IPad that had his script on it but he only glanced at it as he knew his script.

Thomas was using a range of presentation techniques to keep them engaged by walking around a little bit but not too much and on a large screen behind him of his apps. He looked like this TED talk suited him because he seemed passionate about his chosen subject making apps and getting other kids to make apps to.

I like where he said that students know more than adults when it comes to technology.


what’s happening to it

My passion project

So if you didn’t know I am making an actual footy for my passion project for your passion project you do it all at home so if you make an inspirational film it is mainly about the film but if you make something it’s about making something and the film is just for showing what you do.

Most of my shots will be the same (me sitting down at a table) but the will be some cu and fs and some other shots.

To plan my passion project I have made a shot list for my film and like a list of what I need to do to make my footy. After you have the materials, it is actually quite simple and there aren’t many steps. To find out how to make this footy I watched YouTube videos and looked at websites.






Film Shotlist

Scene Description (Storyline) Type of Shot (MS, LS, CU, ECU, etc.) Dialogue/Audio (VO, PTC, Text)
1 Intro of my finished footy cu Dialog text Making a footy
2 Me starting to cut the leather cu of me cutting the leather Music
3 Me starting to stich together lather Ms of me stitching footy on sewing machine music
       4 Me insirting the bladder Cu of the ball and bladder music
5 Stiching up final side Ms of me stitching whith the sewing machine music
       6 Me adding the laces with the air hole from the bladder Ecu adding the laces music
7 Scene of my finished footy sitting on bench Fs of footy only music
8 Me kicking the footy Fs of me kicking footy music
9 credits credits Credits not sure what they will be yet



1 cut out 4 pieces of leather for ball exact same size and dimentions

2 put inside out and stich 2 together along top

3 stich the 3rd one along the bottom of one of the two

4 do the same as step 3

5 turn right way round

6 insert bladder

7 stich up final side

8 add laces along the final stiching with the hole to add air to the bladder in the centre.