Think of a world that had no beautiful flowers, no towering trees, no majestic animals patrolling the earth. This is happening to our world. We need to stop it. I am going to display this in a short animated film. The film will be about a minute and a half long. STOP DEFORESTATION!

Digi AU Update!

For my animation film I am making really good progress. I have done the first scene, I have made a complete storyboard for the entire film and I have chosen the music for the film. The song is called think of a world without any flowers but it is sung by a choir of children so that it sounds more haunting. Because the theme of my film is deforestation and not cutting down the forests, the start will be happy to match the music, then all of the bad stuff happens when the sad music starts. It has been EXTREMELY difficult to do because I have had to learn everthing from scratch. I have also had to figure out colouring because the tutorials wasn’t the same for me. Another problem that I have had is accidentally not saved after I had already finished the first scene. All the trees are just green as well but different shades of green because I combined the trees so that I could edit it quicker but that mucked the colouring up. It still looks good I think. The rendering is also annoying because I can’t find it in my computer. I would probably use a different program next time but it is a good learning process. capture


Digi AU Research

So far for my Digi I have already watched tons of youtube videos on how to use Maya I have a relatively good idea of how to use it. I also now know what I want to animate, I don’t want to give away to much but the message as deforestation and what happens to the animals. I have started making the forest and I think that it will be pretty good but I don’t know how long it will be but probably not too long because it is a very difficult program to use.


Hi everyone, I need help with my Digi. As you know I’m doing a 3D animation project, just one problem though. I don’t know what to animate! I want something that has a serious and important message. Please comment on this post what you would like to see!

Digi AU Proposal Post

For my Digi I am going to do something that I am passionate about, which is animation. I am passionate about this because when I’m older I want to be an animator for Pixar. But I don’t want to do a little stop motion, I want to do a 3D professional film that will help me improve until i get my end goal of being an animator and also I think that it will really amaze you all. I have researched some different animation software and I think that I have found a really good software to use. That software is called “Autodesk Maya” it is a professional quality software that is free. I want other people to go out and try 3D animation, I think that Autodesk Maya maybe isn’t a great software to start off with but it is a great thing that you can make incredible things on. My aim for the end of the term is to make a film that is as long as I can possibly make it. If you are thinking of getting this software you will need to have a very powerful computer (so you can’t get it on our laptops) I have played with it a bit and it seems that the actual animation is easier than the modeling. I don’t know if you can render more than one camera at once but if you can’t I will probably use Premiere to put them all together. I hope the finished product amazes all of you!

Digi AU Finale!

Wow. I can’t believe this project is over! Over the course of this term we have all made incredible projects to show to the class. I wanted to give 110% to this project because I didn’t like my project last time. I thought that mine would be better this time because I probably spent about 15 hours on it. I think that it turned out well this time because I was working with a partner who I work well with. Noah and I met up every weekend for a few hours to film and we got some cool footage. I think our film turned out good and I think people were amazed. Next time I might do it by myself (no offence Noah) And get some drone shots. I also might try and learn to use Adobe Premiere.

Huge thanks to Mr Henderson for this awesome project!!!

Promo Film


Recently we have made a film for an actual client, for the first time ever! Everyone was so excited when Mrs Stafford showed us the email from Tracy. We had to make a professional quality film! Tracy gave us a brief on what she wanted to have our film like, she said to have it kind of like their video “Visit Urban Geelong” So we had an idea of what to make it like. We watched a few more promo films and researched how to structure the films. We then listed and brainstormed places we could film at. We ended up with 5 places for the three classes. 6A went to SupaTramp and Torquay, 6B went to LeisureLink and Balyang area including the Barwon River. We then found out our partners and film crews. My film crew was: me, Gus Harris, Tilly, Emily Santalucia, Jack Forsyth and Sergej. I felt that we worked really well together. Gus and I then completed our shotlist, but we had some troubles because of me not being there one session, then the next session Gus wasn’t there. Then finally, in week 6, the big day finally came, we were all going out filming. We had a great day and got some great footage. We got back to school at about 3.00 o’clock and dumped our footage that day. In the sessions following we shared our footage between our film crews. This process was quite difficult because we had to share all of our footage between our film crew and manage the laptops space. A lot of my footage ended up corrupting during this process for some reason. We had to cull all of our footage so we only had gold footage left over. We then started actually editing on Corel. Most people finished before me which was a bit annoying, but at least I got to watch other peoples films, which gave me ideas. We showed everyone our films a few weeks ago which I wasn’t here for unfortunately. But I wish I was because that gave everyone really good feedback which they then implemented to make there films even better. We did another one of these sessions the other day as well, but because I didn’t have much footage and I hadn’t gotten feedback to help me, I got really bad marks from my peers. Anyway, here is my peer feedback form and my finished film!


RVE Cultures of the World – USA

I know this is very late but I have been sick so I haven’t had much of a chance to do the blog post. But anyway, it is a bit of a coincidence that I choose to do America, then we visited America in school, but I will talk about some different things than I will in my travel journal. I wanted to do America because we went there in the holidays and I absolutely loved it, I would do anything to be back there right now :/ I also want to live in California when I’m older because I think it is just incredible.

But the culture in America is very similar to ours. The main religion is Christianity in both countries, both countries eat a lot of the same food, but America is known for different foods than Aussies. In states like California and Florida they wear very similar clothes to us. But in states like Texas they sometimes would wear clothes that look out of place in our community. win_20160910_144815

Trinidad and Tobago Culture !!!

WIN_20160821_144925We have a similar culture to Trinidad and Tobago (let me just call them T&T from now on ok?) but some things about it are very different, let me explain. In T&T they play cricket, so do we. In T&T they dress like us (except for big festivals) The main religions are the same (christianity) yet it just seems so different. The food is something that I don’t know if I would like, but I have never tried it before. If you don’t believe me search up “callaloo” that is arguably the main ingredient in T&T’s food. But it would be interesting living in the culture because pretty much everyone goes to church (I do not go to church) so that would be a huge difference for me.